Senate approves measure that increases the salary of AAA employees by $200 per month

Senate approves measure that increases the salary of AAA employees by 0 per month

With 25 votes in favor and two against, the Senate On Monday, he endorsed House Bill 1894, which raises the salary of employees of the company by $200 per month for a period of five years. Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA).

To make the increase viable, to be granted immediately, contracts awarded to companies that perform work for the appropriate unit, as well as for management employees, will be reduced by 30%.

“As is known, the fiscal situation of the Government of Puerto Rico has made it impossible to attract new talents to public service through compensation with salaries that, beyond being attractive, are sufficient to cover the current cost of living,” reads the author’s measure. of the president of the House, Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez.

According to an analysis of the Budget Office of the Legislative Assembly (OPAL) The measure would have two types of results: an increase in AAA payroll expenses of $44.5 million for fiscal year 2025 and an increase in collections to the General Fund of $5.5 million related to income and SUT taxes.

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