Six hospitals stop operating in Gaza Strip due to lack of fuel, says WHO

Six hospitals stop operating in Gaza Strip due to lack of fuel, says WHO

Cairo – Six hospitals in the Gaza Strip have closed due to lack of fuel and two others have suspended some critical services for the same reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned today, calling for the safe passage of fuel and supplies. for health centers.

”In addition to the hospitals that have had to close due to damage and attacks, six hospitals in the Gaza Strip have already closed due to lack of fuel”the international organization said in a statement.

Some of the facilities awaiting WHO supplies and fuel in northern Gaza include Al Shifa Hospital, where bed occupancy is already approaching 150%, according to the WHO.

Among other hospital centers affected by the need for fuel is the Indonesian Hospital, which “last night it was forced to close some critical services due to a lack of fuel, and is now operating on a limited basis.”

To it, the WHO adds the Turkish Friendship Hospital, “the only cancer hospital in the Gaza Strip, which continues to partially operate due to lack of fuel, endangering some 2,000 cancer patients.”

In the note, the WHO warned that thousands of vulnerable patients are at risk of dying or suffering medical complications due to the closure of critical services due to lack of energy, “unless vital fuel and additional health supplies are urgently delivered to Gaza.”

The organization warned that there are 1,000 dialysis-dependent patients, 130 premature babies who need various care and patients in intensive care or who require surgery and who “They depend on a stable and uninterrupted supply of electricity to stay alive.”

Yesterday, the WHO, with the support of UNRWA (United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees), “delivered 34,000 liters of fuel to four large hospitals in southern Gaza and the Palestinian Red Crescent to maintain their ambulance services,” reported the World Health Organization.

”However, this is only enough to keep ambulances and critical hospital functions running for just over 24 hours,” he warned.

In this situation, he called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire so that medical supplies and fuel can be safely distributed throughout the Gaza Strip.

The war between Israel and Hamas broke out on October 7 and has so far caused more than 1,400 deaths and nearly 5,000 injuries in Israeli territory, while the incessant bombings on the Gaza Strip have left more than 5,000 dead and 15,000 injured.

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