Social transformation platform is born

Social transformation platform is born

A lot of the constant criticism and complaints that we hear daily in our environments They have to do with the deterioration or loss of the values, traditions and customs that have characterized Puerto Rican society. Principles that for centuries have shaped the behavior and daily life of the members of society. Among them, respect, justice, familysolidarity, tolerance, honesty, civility, responsibility, work culture, and knowing how to discern between what is morally and ethically correct and what is not.

However, it must also be taken into account that today’s society is not the same as that of yesteryear and that there have been social, economic and political changes that have transformed our lifestyle, although some values ​​are still maintained that have not been lost. Or, at least, they have not been completely forgotten.

In this convergence the initiative was born We are familya movement of social transformation “by and for Puerto Rico whose main objective is to recover the value of respect as a basis for building a better society,” expresses Alessandra Correa Riverafounder of the social innovation company INlearnwho, together with different sectors of society, such as non-profit organizations, private companies, faith-based organizations, government entities and public figures, seek to guide and educate on this objective.

“All of us who live here want a Puerto Rico with more respect, more values ​​and as the logo says, more family, more love. In the end, we are all family, we live in the same country. I think that one of the things that we have the most opportunity in Puerto Rico is that, instead of talking about the problems, we bring together hearts and minds to take a step towards action,” reiterates Correa, who announced this project. before a large group of participants who gathered at the Coca-Cola Music Hall, in Miramar, to learn about and support the initiative.

According to the businesswoman, It is a movement “that is not perfect and we cannot solve everything,” but that has taken the step of beginning to promote and cultivate the “values ​​of respect, love and solidarity.”

“With many of the people you talk to, in any place, family gatherings or parties, we all agree that many values ​​have been lost. There are many reasons and we are not here to look for blame or point fingers. I believe that this is an initiative of convergence, of unity – which we need so much -, and of how we can, in one way or another, give Puerto Rico more hope.“, says Correa, who highlights that “all citizens who believe in the importance of values ​​and family are invited to join.”

It is a management, describes the executive, that began with people interested in working for Puerto Rico to improve and have a better quality of life. Precisely, she comments that she did not expect such a strong reaction from people interested in participating. In fact, heads of government agencies also participated in the activity. Among them, the secretary of the Department of the Family, Cieni Rodriguez Troche, whom she described “as a great ally.”

“She has a solution-driven vision. I work a lot with entrepreneurs, non-profit entities and I think that, in one way or another, everyone told me that ‘we had to do something’. That’s how I started calling people and everyone said yes because this is to have a Puerto Rico with more love and more respect. But I think the most important thing is that the protagonist is the island,” says the businesswoman.

Part of the public that attended the launch of the Somos Familia platform at Coca-Cola Music Hall. (Alan McAbee)

Concrete plans

A first step, according to Correa, is to raise awareness about the value of respect through a advertising campaign that includes an educational platform where experts will address topics to strengthen self-esteem, family ties and dealing with others.

But one of the goals is to socially transform Puerto Rico. And, although the businesswoman is aware that it is a goal that may seem unattainable, all of those who participate in the initiative “agree that respect is the value that is like the basis of everything.”

“It is respect for yourself, for life, for your family, your country, nature, for older adults, for children, family”lists and emphasizes the importance of focusing on that “because we want to promote the individual, the family and respect between citizens.”

Social transformation platform is born
The entertainer and master of ceremony of the Somos Familia launch event, Jailene Cintron. (Alan McAbee)

“We don’t have to agree on ideas, but we can respect each other and we must all evaluate whether we are being citizens of respect because when you feel respected, you automatically feel good,” says the executive.

According to the host and master of ceremony at the launch event, Jailene CintronSomos Familia was born from a collective concern to recover respect as a pillar in society. “It is an honor to be part of this movement of social transformation, because by reestablishing respect, we will begin to transform individuals, families, and consequently, all of Puerto Rico! “Everything starts with respect,” says the singer, who is convinced that it is necessary to raise our voices and strengthen the values ​​of love, respect and family.

“For a long time I thought about that Puerto Rican phrase ‘oh blessed’, that before what I projected was that value of love and respect and I think that, at this moment, It is in all of us so that, instead of thinking about what I want, we think about everything that really nourishes us, strengthens us, makes us smile.”. In that sense, he says that it was very clear for her to join the initiative and feel “that I am an instrument to unite the Puerto Rican family.” “It is a grain of sand to help transform our country in a beautiful way. “It’s a good way to start modeling our values.”

Above all, Correa adds, it is an educational platform to transform “and bring out the positive qualities that characterize us.” “We want the people to unite and reflect on the importance of love and respect for the family. We want to give Puerto Ricans health pills. We have lived through very complicated times and these healing pills come accompanied by experts, psychologists and professionals who will help us channel emotions, raise our children more assertively, and strengthen our values. There is still a lot of resistance to seeking mental health tools and I think this initiative is an awakening towards that. We have a page with information, free of cost, with educational capsules. It is urgent that we move in that direction,” proposes the businesswoman.

More information

If you want to join the initiative, go to where you will find new educational capsules periodically and in which psychologists and health professionals will provide you with tools for intra-family relationships, emotional management, social challenges, among others.

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