Sony wants to buy Queen’s catalog for more than $1.2 billion

Sony wants to buy Queen’s catalog for more than .2 billion

NY – The multinational sony Music is in negotiations to buy the music catalog of the famous British rock band What in for $1,270 million, an agreement that does not include the rights to the presentations that members of the group still make, according to what has been reported to the media.

Another company that wanted to obtain this catalogue, which is among the most valuable of the rock era, fell short by offering ‘only’ $900 million, according to Variety magazine. It also indicates that if the purchase is completed, the transaction would surpass the largest agreements of this type, including the publications and recorded music of Bruce Springsteen that sony acquired for 600 million dollars.

This agreement was in 2021 the largest transaction ever for a single artist’s catalog.

The list of large sums also includes the nearly $400 million that Universal Music paid in 2020 to Bob Dylan, rock music legend and Nobel Prize winner in Literature, for the rights to his entire musical catalog, which includes more than 60 years.

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