Teofilo Torres to Isel Rodriguez: “you deserve to be up for best leading actress at the Oscar”

The actress Isel Rodriguez, protagonist of the Puerto Rican film “La pecera”, has received excellent reviews for his performance in the feature film that is showing in local movie theaters.

In general, Glorimar Marrero’s film is considered excellent by fans of the seventh art. One of the actors from the patio who saw the feature film and was fascinated by the story and the performance of one of the “Jevas” from the Teatro Breve collective, was Teofilo Torres.

The actor dedicated Rodriguez a very appropriate critique of the actress’s impeccable work in the film. Torres affirmed that the actress is worthy of a nomination for the Oscar awards in the category of “Best Leading Actress” in case the film could also receive a mention from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The interpreter of the monologue “Papo Impala is quite” made the expressions on his Facebook account in a open letter to the actress.

“Simply, masterful. We were fascinated. Nothing is anticipated. The scarce dialogue is only one element, and all the other elements tell us everything about our condition as Puerto Ricans and as human beings. If they send ‘The Fishbowl’ to compete at the Oscars, “She deserves to be among the best, and you deserve to be for Best Leading Actress.”Torres indicated in the open letter to the actress.

“Dear Isel: We saw The Fishbowl. You took acting in Puerto Rican cinema to its highest, most complete and most desired level. I can’t get over my astonishment. How you handled all the emotions! How you played with that pain that made me cringe throughout the entire movie! And above all, the camera loves you. Your instrument was made for the cinema. Your scene with Modesto (Lacen) in bed is an acting award. You teach a film acting class. What a shame that we don’t have more workshops here to continue discovering. Whenever we go to see “Puerto Rican cinema,” including everything I have participated in, we leave with the bitterness of “Yes…it has its values, but…” with La pecera, it is the first time we leave saying “damn, we can finally “To say that we have true cinema…it is impeccable.” “Thank you!” said the actor when praising the work of the actress and other actors in the feature film.

The cast of talented actors is led by Rodriguez, Magali Carrasquillo, Modesto LacenGeorgina Borri and Anamin Santiago. Those who have gone to see the film also recognize Carrasquillo’s stellar performance.

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