The 12th Drum Meeting will bring its rhythm to Mayaguez

The 12th  Drum Meeting will bring its rhythm to Mayaguez

The image is impressive and overwhelming. Sitting in a huge circle, with their drums in front, about 250 people dressed in white, play the instruments in unison, creating a magical and unique moment.

This picturesque scene will be repeated on Sunday, March 31, starting at 2:00 pm at the Frankie Ruiz Acoustic Shell in Mayaguez when the 12mo. Drum Meeting. This year the participation of about 300 barreleros, barreleras and dancers bomb from all over Puerto Rico and from the diaspora.

“The Drum Meeting is the most important Puerto Rican Bomba event that brings together the largest number of Puerto Rican Bomba performers in one place, both from the island and the diaspora.”he explained Marien Torres Lopezproducer and co-director of the event and founder of Tambuye Workshop. “This event was created by professor and folklorist Norma Salazar, precisely to unify the cultural community that at a historical moment did not necessarily communicate with each other. The Drum Meeting is free of charge, for the whole family and is an educational event that highlights our African descent.”.

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