The 2023 Sentinel Party returns to Orocovis

The 2023 Sentinel Party returns to Orocovis

The Ana Dalila Burgos Ortiz Foundation and the non-profit organization Art and Skillinvites the community to Sentinel Party 2023, a cultural event to celebrate the art of solidarity with the family. For the third consecutive year, both organizations continue their mission of giving visibility to community efforts through a varied cultural and educational program for the whole family.

This year, the Sentinel Party will take place on Saturday, December 16, at the Bauta Arriba Second Unit School, in Orocovis, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, free of charge. This community event brings together essential components such as education, ecology, self-management, music and performing arts.

”For us this is something big because it is not an event that stays here in Puerto Rico, this goes further. It is like doors of solidarity that open and we feel proud to be part of this. It’s something that everyone doesn’t want to miss because artists come and people have a wonderful time. Seeing that all this comes from our work and our sweat is an immense source of pride because it is a way to be able to tell the world ‘here we are’ and we are going to continue working for our community and our country,” he highlighted. Elena Robles Figueroacommunity leader of the Ana Dalila Burgos Foundation.

Since its first edition in 2021, the event has had a rich educational and cultural offer. It should be noted that the same community participates in the design and decision-making of all the logistics that occur at the event, in collaboration with the Arte y Mana work team. The Sentinel Festival is born from the spirit of collaboration of artists and educators who are committed to social transformation.

“The Foundation knew that at some point it was going to provide some great service to the community. So the Sentinel Party comes to us as a gift from heaven,” he commented, Idalia Burgosmember of the Board of Directors of the Ana Dalila Burgos Foundation.

This year, the Sentinel Party will have its usual agenda of educational workshops and artistic events. On this occasion they have the participation of El show Los Mocosos, Chicle Clown, Los Pleneros de la Cresta, Coco Drilo, Andres Carreno, Colectivo Juntxs por el agua (University of Florida), Las Majas de Triana, Maracatu Caribe, and the Company theatrical and there was no light.

The Amaneser 2025 self-sustainable energy project is joining the event, who will be educating the community about the management and consumption of renewable energy. Also in collaboration with the Boricua Organization, agroecological workshops will be developed and work will be done on the construction of puppets for the “Comparsa del Tiempo”, which seeks alternatives to address the issue of Climate Justice. The event will be closed by the families that will join the troupe, which culminates with the renowned “Flag Relay”, which consists of passing the flag of Puerto Rico from generation to generation, until it is left at the top of the mango tree. which is on the Foundation’s grounds.

For Burgos, the objective of the Ana Dalila Burgos Foundation is for the community to feel that it is: “Our new Puerto Rico. May what the community wants for Puerto Rico happen here. Let honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility and effort live. May we not be moved so much by economic interest but rather by the force of love and solidarity.”

On the other hand, the artist and Executive Director of Arte y Mana, Yari Helfeld, shared her vision of this community project. “We have seen in this event the possibility of it becoming a model that can be implemented and replicated in many other communities inside and outside of Puerto Rico. Every year we see the foundation’s project grow and more and more artists and communities are interested in collaborating and being part of this party. The strength of thinking collectively in a broader way allows us to dream that Arte y Mana is a project that brings together groups of artists committed to our Country, to create beauty in community.”.

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