The Clan Girls return with the same enthusiasm by demonstrating that they are a perfect formula

The Clan Girls return with the same enthusiasm by demonstrating that they are a perfect formula

There are many illusions that singers are currently reliving Raquel Alvarez, Milly Perez, Rosita Figueroa and Wanda Vallellanes upon returning to the public arena, after almost 40 years, as the original members of what was the first female merengue group in Puerto Rico that emerged in 1985.

But, and who didn’t dance one of the merengas of The Clan Girls for the 1980s and 1990s? Aware of the challenges presented by the changing music industry, they do not deny that they sometimes feel an “Olympic cold.” However, there are many virtues that sustain this group of talented women, who claim to be ready for their lives to change again.

“It has been many years, and although I know that the will and the desire are there, the reality is something else. We still have that feeling in our stomach, constantly. For us, this return and reunion has a lot of responsibility, more than you can imagine, because we have to perform and do it better than we did in the past. “We are mature women, but we have the energy, the will and the passion, which is extremely important because without passion there is nothing.”Milly emphasized to The new day.

As they explain, in addition to once again establishing themselves as a female musical group, this meeting also occurs to fulfill the dream of the founder of the group Junior Elvira, who died in 2022.

“Last September we talked with the founder’s son, Christian Elvira, to form the group and it came together. Christian wanted to honor his father’s legacy and that was what he wanted, to reunite the originals. “He wanted to make it happen.”Milly indicated.

“We thought it was talk, but between rehearsals, it is now a reality and a dream come true for all of us. We were his loved ones. Junior had a lot of love and affection for us as daughters, and he always told us that his dream was to see us on stage again, but it had not been able to happen,” Rosita added.

In this group of pioneers, the presence of Ingrid Rosado, who died several years ago from cancer. In her place, currently, Wanda completes the quartet, to which she also belonged in the past.

“We are aware of the challenges and musical trends of the present, but we are preparing for that, without losing the essence of what Las Chicas del Clan are, updating ourselves for the general public and the public of now”noted Wanda, who has remained active in music over the years.

On the other hand, Rosita highlights that they make up a group that is versatile, because in addition to merengue, in their presentations they integrate genres such as ballads, salsa and bachata. “Although now we are ready to make presentations singing the songs that have been part of our past repertoire, we are already writing our own lyrics to record them, surprises will come from collaborations that are about to materialize and we will venture into urban merengue”advancement.

“Words”, “How can you”, “Dama de Hierro”, “Marinero” and “Flash Dance” are just some of the songs with which they captivated not only the Puerto Rican public, but throughout Latin America. “What we want is to perform the best for the public, including the dance, since we are practicing the choreographies that distinguished us in the past,” Raquel highlighted, while mentioning that next February they will go on a “media tour” to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Colombia to reconnect with those audiences that captivated and make themselves known to new audiences.

For those who do not forget their performances on television programs such as “El show de las 12” and “Super Sabados”, to mention a few, for this second round they bring their original song to promote “Zape pa’lla”, their most iconic song, with which they catapulted their career and reached popularity positions on Billboard.

“It is a topic that people are fascinated by, with which many girls possibly identify. By saying ‘zape pa’lla I don’t want to get married’, because there are many women who today make the decision not to get married. With this song as successful as it has been, beyond the lyrics and the voice, the success is made up of what the performers transmit, the dance and the sweetness of each one. And the success we have had as a group, in addition to that musical success, is the magic we have, “If we look at each other we already know what we are going to do,” said Rosita, while Milly added: “The complicity we have is what makes this a perfect formula, which is what we transmit to the public when we are on stage together”.

While the quartet highlighted the rest of the members who were their successors over the years as Las Chicas del Clan, including the merenguera Ashley “La Bomba”, Wanda stressed that this return after more than three decades is a positive one for the women who are over 40 or 50 years old, who perhaps think that everything is over in different facets. “We are brave and risky because after so many years daring to venture into merengue and do everything we are doing, we have to be,” she said.

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