The day Kiss appeared without makeup on MTV

The day Kiss appeared without makeup on MTV

The musicians of Kissknown for exploiting as an image strategy the mystery behind their famous makeup They let themselves be seen before the cameras 40 years ago as they were, without their “masks” white.

There was, precisely, a September 18, 1983in a television special MTV music channel. The reason for this decision, in addition to giving a boost to image and marketing, in the days prior to the release of a new album, was also based on disproving some “Ubran myths” that existed around the band.

How can I not remember some, like when it was rumored that the band members crushed chickens during their performances or that they had strong Nazi inclinations.

Kiss has become one of the most listened to rock bands of all time. Since its founding in 1973, it has managed to sell nearly 80 million albums around the world, more than demonstrating why its activity has been so permanent and long-lasting over the last 50 years.

The spectacle they offer in each of their shows has also positioned them within the industry as one of the most visual groups, not only because of the light show and pyrotechnics they offer, but because of their particular way of dressing and makeup. And more than one fan will say that they have a professional aesthetic and wardrobe team behind them that takes care of their ‘outfits’ every time they go on stage.

However, this is not the case, as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley prefer to do it themselves before entrusting their face to someone else. Even on one occasion Simmons demonstrated before the cameras of ’60 Minutes Australia’, a television network, the previous act before going on stage.

In the recording you can see the artist, over 70 years old, applying the white foundation to his face, he even jokes that he considers himself a clown as he is one of that profession, due to the ritual he performs before going into action. . He powders his face and then with a black eyeliner he begins to make the characteristic shapes of his costume.

Stanley spoke in the same way, who let the team of journalists enter his dressing room to show how his costumes had turned out and throwing out a spicy phrase that sparked laughter among those in attendance.

“I have a lot of respect for rock legends, but “I think that neither Keith Richards nor any other great music icon would last more than half an hour in this suit on stage,” clarified.

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