The fatuous travel agent who scammed Puerto Ricans with a trip to Africa is arrested in the Dominican Republic

The fatuous travel agent who scammed Puerto Ricans with a trip to Africa is arrested in the Dominican Republic

Wilbert Spencer Frontmanthe rogue travel agent accused of scamming a group of Puerto Ricans who were traveling to Africa in March of this year, was arrested in the Dominican Republic on October 11, confirmed the Justice Department from Puerto Rico.

The agency’s press spokesperson, Damarisse Martinez, explained that The man was transferred to Miami, from where the extradition process to Puerto Rico by the Justice Extradition Office would be completed.

Spencer Frotman faces charges for two separate cases, based in Caguas and Aibonito, for alleged illegal appropriation, fraud and financial exploitation of the elderly.

In both cases, cause for arrest was found against him and a global bail amounting to $800,000 was imposed.

Spencer Frotman’s alleged scam was revealed by this newspaper in July. At that time, travelers reported that they paid $4,995 for the vacation package that included air and ground transportation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tour guides, and tickets to several safaris.

The man canceled the trip citing personal reasons and supposedly promised to return the money within 30 days, which was completed on April 7, but the injured parties did not receive the money back.

The man filed for Chapter 13 of the federal Bankruptcy Law on September 9, 2022, a date that coincides with the first payments made by some of the injured parties to reserve their vacation package, this newspaper previously revealed.

According to documents filed in court and examined by The new day, Spencer Frotman voluntarily filed bankruptcy after accumulating debts of $458,701. Of that figure, about $302,914 corresponds to secured creditors.

Receipts to which this media had access show that on September 8, 2022, one day before filing for bankruptcy, the man received $2,000 through a credit card payment.

The document, however, is not identified with the name of the supposed travel agency. Pa’l Viaje Limited Liabilitybut from another company in the name of the individual, W&M Perfect Solutions LLCwhich is dedicated to the sale of water filters.

Pa’l Viaje Limited Liability was registered with the Department of State, but did not have permits from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR) to operate as a travel agency.

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