The festival that honors the heritage of Ismael Rivera, “Al Son de Maelo”, returns

The festival that honors the heritage of Ismael Rivera, “Al Son de Maelo”, returns

For the fourth time, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) enters the heart of Santurce to pay tribute to the “Sonero Mayor” Ismael Rivera as he deserves, with the musical festival “To the Son of Maelo” whose purpose is to continue educating new generations about its unmatched legacy.

The event, which for the second consecutive year is joined by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC), will take place on Sunday, October 22, starting at 11:00 am at the MAC facilities.

For him executive director of the ICP Carlos Ruiz, this event is the “perfect excuse” to bring to the table the issue of Afro Puerto Rican and praise the legacy of one of the greatest exponents of salsa that Puerto Rico has produced. “Ismael Rivera is a great representation that Puerto Ricans have through his creativity and artistic expressions,” he said in an interview with The new day.

“Having a person from Santurce, like this one (Ismael Rivera) with a great history that comes from our neighborhoods and the great talent that he exhibited internationally, changed the musical artistic dynamic completely in the history of Puerto Rico and the world… he did not doing something would be a sin“Ruiz said about the event that takes place during the month of October to commemorate the month of Maelo’s birth.

Through an alliance between ICP, MAC and the Ismael Rivera Foundation (FIR) Since 2018 “Al Son de Maelo” continues to honor the memory of the voice of hits like “The pretty faces”, “The Nazarene” and “Get out of the way, parakeet,” among many others, from different areas of the arts with music, crafts, workshops and exhibitions.

Although the years pass since Maelo’s death, for his family, especially his sister Ivelisse Riverait’s a “very big pride” May the legacy of his beloved brother “continue to be enjoyed” thus passing generations.

“I know that the new generations are very inspired by Ismael Rivera, not only those who listen to him and dance to him, but also the musicians, who when they make their recordings are very inspired by Ismael’s music,” his sister commented gratefully.

“If you came last year, you already know what it’s about. If you did not have the opportunity in the editions since 2018, you can expect an activity around one of the most important figures that has given the musicality of Puerto Rico, an artist of high international recognition and a great representative of our Afro-Puerto Rican identity,” anticipated the director of the ICP.

As indicated, the family activities that will be carried out that day are part of the community integration efforts carried out by the MAC cultural equity program in the neighborhood.

“At the MAC we are very given to continuity projects, so we are very excited to have the opportunity to establish this collaboration for the second year with the ICP and it seems very appropriate to hold this event here,” he commented. Marianne Ramirez Aponte, executive director of the MAC, who also celebrates the origin of the artist in Santurce and the 250 years from the San Mateo de Cangrejos neighborhood.

“Throughout all these years there has been a relationship of affection and friendship with Maelo’s family, especially with Mrs. Ive. That makes it doubly special for us, thus reaffirming our commitment to continue supporting the Ismael Rivera Foundation year after year,” added Ramirez Aponte.

Starting at 11:00 am, those present will be able to enjoy a craft market and visit the Ismael Rivera House Museum with free transportation from the MAC to appreciate the exhibition “Friendship in code” dedicated to the family and professional relationship of Ismael Rivera and Rafael Cortijo.

Likewise, a second room presents the exhibition “The foundation”with which it tells the history of the FIR, its relationship with the community and the different projects carried out together with the MAC since 2014.

As for the main course of the event, The music on the main stage will start at 2:00 pm with presentations by the Afro-Caribbean rhythms group “Imbue”the fusion bomb collective “Coconut’s Labyrinth” and the official orchestra of “Al Son de Maelo”, directed by Carlitos Garciawhich will present a repertoire to highlight the legacy of maestro Ismael Rivera.

“Celebrating him in the heart of Santurce such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, in the school where he studied… there is a historical memory that must be praised. Also for the next generations to establish the foundations of a rich popular culture that Puerto Rico has and continue every year, with the hope that ‘Al Son de Maelo’ continues to become a country project.”concluded Ramirez Aponte.

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