The food that can help you with fatigue

The food that can help you with fatigue

Although it is best known for its iron content (just as Popeye taught us), spinach (Spinacia oleracea) it’s a food rich in magnesium. So much so that if the body could adequately absorb all the magnesium it contains, a serving of spinach would provide almost half of the amount the body needs per day.

But unfortunately, absorption from plant sources is not optimal and the body only uses between 25 and 35% of the magnesium in spinach.

Fight fatigue

That there is currently so much talk about diets rich in magnesium has to do with the ability of this mineral to promote good muscles and a immune system strong, in addition to reducing fatigue.

Magnesium, among other functions, is responsible for correct muscle contraction and relaxation (including blood vessels and the heart) and its deficiency is perceived with symptoms such as muscle heaviness and insomnia.

Spinach can be eaten raw or cooked. since, unlike other vegetables, heat does not destroy its properties, especially when it comes to magnesium.

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