The generations of urban music converge in the second edition of the Motherland Festival

The generations of urban music converge in the second edition of the Motherland Festival

The second edition of the Motherland Festival, an event that celebrates the urban music scene, took place this Saturday and served as a point of convergence between several generations of artists of the genre.

The Festival began early in the afternoon and had two stages, one dedicated to trap and reggaeton, and the other to electronic music. Although in its initial hours the event was not particularly crowded, when night came, hundreds of people could be seen crowded in front of the stage, enjoying the music and singing the hits of several of the artists who performed.

One of the first notable presentations was by the iconic Wiso G. Although age can be slightly noticed in his voice, Wiso demonstrated his seniority, playing the first old school perreo of the night.

The interpreter of the classics “Yo me rise on Sundays” and its sequel, “El Domingo por la afternoon”, also proved that he has not lost his touch, offering a “freestyle” during his segment that lasted about half an hour. At the end, Wiso G thanked his audience and offered a few brief words as he came down from the stage.

“It’s not that I’m walking with Guille, it’s that my back hurts,” said the rapper, drawing several laughs from the audience.

The evening’s performances continued with a short set by Lil Jou Jou, followed by Chesca, who offered a varied segment in his more “pop” style.

“Where are my geeks?” Chesca asked the audience, taking a moment to thank him for the opportunity to perform at the Festival and highlighting that Puerto Rico is a cradle of global talents.

The following presentations were given by Brrray and DJ Blass. Brrray, a more recent showcase artist, performed some of his hits to a visibly excited audience. DJ Blass, for his part, one of the most prominent producers in reggaeton, made people enjoy a set of some of his most recognized songs.

San Juan, PR. November 18, 2023 -FLASH- Second edition of the “Motherland Festival” urban music event at the Balneario se Carolina. In the photo Brray with Lyanno. PHOTO BY: Nahira Montcourt (Nahira Montcourt)

Brrray’s presentation also featured the surprise participation of Nio Garcia, who came to the stage to sing the song “La Jeepeta.”

“The Philosopher” was the next veteran to take over the stage. Vico C had one of the most extensive presentations of the night in which he performed some of his most recognized and successful songs such as “Maria”, “Explosion”, “Bomba para afincar” and, of course, “Viernes 13”.

“I already greeted Young Miko,” said the rapper on stage, referring to a brief meeting that both artists had in which the young Miko did not greet Vico C when passing him by, and which sparked a brief controversy on social networks. .

Vico C also took advantage of the moment to apologize to anyone he had offended with his comments in the past, although it was not completely clear what he meant, he said he did what he always does for the love of his country.

One of the high points of the night was performed by DJ Luian, who with a set full of some of his greatest hits, made an audience sing along, chanting, at ease, songs that were hits in 2005, just like more modern songs that Luian produced for artists like Bad Bunny and Arcangel.

The Spanish Bad Gyal was the next to perform, with a relatively short set. The night’s presentations continued later with the presence of the young rapper Dei V, whose name is beginning to become more popular in the world of urban music in Puerto Rico.

The arrival of Young Miko was another of the high points of the night, since the young Puerto Rican rapper has become a world star and her music has a solid fan base in Puerto Rico who sang most of her songs with the artist.

Miko’s set lasted an hour and the young woman was followed by the last artist of the night, the also young and brilliant rapper Myke Towers. It should be noted that Towers’ presentation was delayed for almost an hour due to technical problems, but that did not prevent the people who came to the festival grounds from fully enjoying the artist’s successes.

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