The Inter-American Press Association awards a journalist from El Nuevo Dia

The Inter-American Press Association awards a journalist from El Nuevo Dia

The Inter-American Press Society (IAPA) awarded the journalist Victor Ramos Rosadoof The new dayin the 2023 edition of the contest Journalistic Excellencein which 1,286 works of the highest quality nominated by media professionals from North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe were evaluated.

Ramos Rosado obtained Honorific mention in the category Chronicle For his job “A night with the alligator hunters”reported the IAPA in a press release from its headquarters offices in Miami, Florida.

The IAPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending and promoting freedom of the press and expression in the Americas. It is made up of more than 1,300 publications from the Western Hemisphere.

“It is an immense honor to be among the group of Latin American journalists recognized by the IAPA in this edition of the awards. Journalistic reporting has a rich tradition in Latin American countries and this recognition is proof that Puerto Rico has always been part of it. The pages of El Nuevo Dia, in particular, have been home to some of the most impactful reporting and best narrative journalism on the island, so I thank our great team of reporters and editors for their constant support. In the same way, I thank the brothers Michael and Carlos Diaz for opening this brief window into their lives. It should be noted that the audiovisual work of fellow photojournalist Carlos Rivera Giusti is also a crucial part of this chronicle. “Puerto Rico is a cradle of stories waiting to be told and I hope that this honorable mention serves to fuel the interest in new generations of Puerto Rican journalists to go out and look for them.”said Ramos Rosado after being awarded.

First place in the Chronicle category went to “Climate Crisis Series in Cape Horn”, by Michelle Carrere, from Mongabay Latam, in Lima, Peru.

A jury made up of members of the IAPA Awards Commission chose the winners and honorable mentions for each of the 14 contested categories. The winners published in the media Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, France, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

“The winning works reaffirm the strength, relevance, diversity and modernity of journalism committed to citizen rights, quality of life and freedoms. With these awards, the IAPA reiterates its staunch defense of free expression and the right to information through the exercise of independent journalism.”said the president of the Awards Commission, Leonor Mulero, from GFR Media, in Puerto Rico.

The awards ceremony will be held on November 11 during the IAPA Annual Assembly in Mexico City, from November 9 to 12, 2023. Awards consist of a diploma of recognition and, most often, a $2,000 stipend.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the IAPA will announce the Grand Prize for Press Freedom and, also, in four new categories: Executive of the Year, Great Friend of the Press, Digital Transformation and Transformative Sustainability.

The awarded works in the 14 categories are:

CARICATURE AWARD, sponsored by El Tiempo, Bogota, Colombia: “The dangerous path of the migrant”, Angel Boligan Corbo, El Universal, Mexico. To illustrate, with mastery of drawing and acuity in conception, the numerous dangers that the migrant must face on their long journey. Honorific mention: “Informative eunuch fakir”, Carlos Arturo Romero Santos, El Nuevo Dia, Colombia.

INTERNET NEWS COVERAGE AWARD, sponsored by Infobae: “Ouro Liquido: production of dendê explores black and indigenous populations in Brazil”, Rebeca Borges, Metropoles, Brazil. For her rigorous research—supported by attractive graphics, video graphics, photos and videos—on the palm oil (dende) production chain in Brazil. Honorific mention: “The green washing machine”, Vanessa Cisneros, Lucia Vergara, Paola Calvo, Erick Retana, Eduardo Mota, Janine Bacquerie, Raul Olmos, Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity, Mexico.

NEWS COVERAGE AWARD, sponsored by Grupo Opsa, San Pedro Sula, Honduras: “Coverage of production, trafficking and consumption of fentanyl in Mexico”, Miriam Ramirez, Ernesto Aroche, Miguel Angel Vega, El Universal, Mexico. For presenting a broad and rigorous investigation into the consumption of fentanyl, a very dangerous drug, which has grown within the country without the authorities being able to stop it. Honorific mention: “The Great Godfather”, Andersson Boscan, Monica Velasquez, Jeffersson Sanguna, Domenica Vivanco, Christian Torres, Juan Jose Alban, Danilo Castro, Estefania Vaca, Javier Montenegro, La Posta, Ecuador

INTERVIEW PRIZE, sponsored by El Comercio, Lima, Peru: “Interview with President Guillermo Lasso”, Ana Maria Canizares Sanchez and team, CNN en Espanol. For making it possible to clarify, before the country and the international community, the legal and democratic panorama of Ecuador in the face of the immediate call for elections. A magnificent example of journalistic foresight and opportunity. Honorific mention: “Mark Zuckerberg is a dictator, Interview withMaria Ressa”, Catalina Gomez Angel, Bocas Magazine / El Tiempo, Colombia.

CHRONICLE AWARD, sponsored by La Prensa, Rio Bamba, Ecuador: “Climate Crisis Series in Cape Horn”, Michelle Carrere, Mongabay Latam, Lima, Peru. For disseminating, on the basis of solid arguments, and without relegating the rhythm and beauty of style, the scientific work being carried out on the impact of climate change on the flora and fauna of the southernmost forests on the planet. Honorific mention: “A night with the alligator hunters”, Victor Ramos Rosado, El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico

HUMAN RIGHTS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: sponsored by Debate Media, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico: “Disappearance of Oscar Gabriel” (child trafficking), Jesus Armando Camara Rios, Martin Holguin Alatorre, Francisco Javier Quintero Flores, La Verdad, Mexico. For recounting, with rigor and analytical capacity, the chilling disappearance of a Mexican teenager in the custody of the Yucatan authorities, in a case plagued by irregularities. Honorific mention: “The memory of the horror of Ortega’s prisons”, Octavio Alfonso Enriquez Cabistan, Confidencial, Costa Rica

PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD, sponsored by La Prensa Grafica, San Salvador, El Salvador: “Mutilated”, Marcia Laurene Foletto, Jornal O Globo, Brazil. For capturing, with realism and refined photographic technique, the situation of the victims of violence in Brazil. Honorific mention: “Migrant children, victims of another’s dream”, Luis Cristobal Acosta Castro, French Press Agency (AFP), Panama.

INFOGRAPHIC PRIZE, sponsored by Clarin, Buenos Aires, Argentina: “Attack”, La Nacion Editorial Office, Argentina. For presenting, through an original and dynamic narrative, the planning, execution and outcome of the attack on Cristina Kirchner; The attachment to truth and thoroughness, the variety of resources (photographs, maps, testimonies, videos, chats) stand out. Honorific mention: “Carlos III: the path of the king”, Sandra Rojas, Katherine Orjuela, Carlos Bustos, Leonardo Parra, Norman Jaimes, El Tiempo, Colombia

OPINION AWARD, sponsored by El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile: “Series on the political crisis in Peru”, Jaime Bedoya, El Comercio, Peru. For presenting, with wit, humor and irony, different views on the causes of the crisis: incapacity of the president and congress, corruption, indolence of the population. Honorific mention: “The poverty that hides the official Cuban discourse”, Laura Roque Valero, elTOQUE, Cuba

DATA JOURNALISM AWARD, sponsored by Corripio Communications Group, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: “Uncovered: The disinformation factory on Instagram that threatens democracy in Venezuela”, Adrian Gonzalez, Hector Rodriguez, Jeanfreddy Gutierrez, Ariana Briceno, Marivi Marin Vazquez, Cazadores de Fake News, Venezuela. For revealing the ways in which the disinformation strategy of the Nicolas Maduro regime against the opposition operates on Instagram; a compelling example of whistleblowing journalism. Honorific mention: “The new map of organized crime”, Silber Alonso Meza Camacho, Daniela Guazo, Samuel Aguilar, Fermin Garcia, Miguel Garnica, El Universal, Mexico

JOURNALISM IN DEPTH AWARD, sponsored by La Republica, Lima, Peru: “Republica Finquera: portrait of authoritarianism in Central America”, Regional Editorial Office, El Salvador. For denouncing, through abundant documentation and attractive design, the critical situation experienced by countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico, where authoritarianism and abuse of power and its consequences of corruption and violence predominate. A remarkable effort of journalistic collaboration and coordination. Honorific mention: “Rafael Project”, Forbidden Stories, France.

“ROBERTO EISENMANN JR.” ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM AWARD, sponsored by La Prensa, Panama City, Panama: “Planet in Danger: California in Crisis”, CNN en Espanol Editorial, USA. For presenting a documentary of high cinematographic quality that shows how the lack of water, forest fires, the loss of crops and their impact on employment affect the lives of Californians, particularly Latinos. Honorific mention: “Jaguar women”, Lisa Corti, Nomadas magazine, Bolivia

HEALTH JOURNALISM AWARD: “Pesticides in Colombia: sick children and the sale of prohibited chemicals”, Herlency Isabel Gutierrez Barahona, Javier Mauricio Jules Acosta, RCN Radio, Colombia. To demonstrate, through authoritative sources and victim testimonies, the alterations in the brain development of children due to the use of pesticides. Magnificent example of denunciation journalism. Honorific mention: “Adolescents in crisis”, Florencia Fernandez Blanco, Florencia Abad, Anibal Greco, Fabiola Czubaj, Santiago Filipuzzi, Maria Ayuso, La Nacion, Argentina.

UNIVERSITY JOURNALISM AWARD, sponsored by the Latin American Council for Accreditation of Journalism and Communication (CLAEP), Miami, Florida: “VIF: wounds that never close”, Macarena Patricia Cerda Morales, El Penquista Ilustrado, Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion, Chile. For presenting, with excellent narrative and promising professionalism, a little explored, revealing and moving topic: violence against older women. Honorific mention: “Florence: the challenge of recycling”, Maria Camila Cano Lopez, TV UNAD VIRTUAL, National Open and Distance University, Colombia.

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