The Isabeline Singing Kings fill the public square of Isabela with magic and joy for 27 years

The Isabeline Singing Kings fill the public square of Isabela with magic and joy for 27 years

With the heat index at 84°F, as of this morning, the public square of Isabellahe was filled with enthusiasm and culture to celebrate the twenty-seventh Elizabethan Kings Feast. Between religious events, crafts fair, music and delivery of gifts, the Elizabethan Singing Kings fulfilled – once again – their mission of bringing joy and entertainment to the public present.

Despite the oppressive sun, from which almost no one could take shelter, as tradition dictates, a group came to the San Antonio de Padua Parish to recreate the living nativity scene. Among all the characters, however, the presence of Chevy Muniz (Baltazar), Adrian Augusto (Gaspar), and Lulio Saavedra (Melchor) stood out.

Around noon, one of the most exciting moments of the festival arrived. The doors of the temple were opened to begin the artistic part of the event that began yesterday, January 5.

Contrary to previous editions, on this occasion, the traditional gift giving took place immediately after the mass. The line took place at the Isabeline House of Culture, Inc.

Among the gifts provided by the Three Saints of the East were dolls, art materials and musical instruments. Likewise, the annual raffle of bicycles donated by private entities was held.

Starting at 1:00 pm the music started with the Elizabethan Singing Kings, who this time pleased the public to the sound of the Bomb, with unreleased songs that make up the new musical production “Bailabomba con los Reyes”. Raiz de Bomba Mayaguezana also performed on stage, Jose Nogueras and for the children, Attention attention.

The 2024 edition of the Isabeline Three Kings Feast was also special because for the first time they sent the Three Kings’ Promise.

This part was performed by the renowned musicians Edwin Colon Zayas and Jerry Medina, who performed a repertoire dedicated to the Three Wise Men. The songs, as they had anticipated, were based on the request of one of the organizing members of the event.

The traditional celebration lasted until late into the night of Three Kings’ Day and brought together hundreds of people from different towns on the island in order to preserve the tradition. In fact, during this newspaper’s visit, Puerto Ricans residing in orlandoFlorida, for whom the event is an unmissable event.

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