The maximum temperature in San Juan ties the record established in 1982

The maximum temperature in San Juan tied the record this Thursday at the official weather station of the Luis Munoz Marin international airport.

According to him National Weather Servicethe recorded temperature was 95 degrees Fahrenheit (°F), which is the highest value for a date like today, September 14, since the record was established in 1982.

The agency specified that the record was marked at 12:32 p.m. It is possible that an area of ​​cloudiness that developed minutes later prevented the temperature from increasing an additional degree, in which case it would have been a new record.

In the daily forecast, The new day anticipated this morning that the environmental conditions to be experienced this Thursday would allow the maximum temperature will reach or exceed the record for a day like today, September 14. The reason would be the combination between the wind that blows from the south and the humidity that prevails in the area, a product of the tail of the Hurricane Leelocated more than 840 miles away north of the region.

This is the fifth time, so far in the month of September, that the maximum temperature record has been reached or exceeded, the previous ones being on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and yesterday, September 13th.

The normal temperature for a day like today is 89 °F, according to the climatological average.

Last August, temperature records were broken for a total of six days throughout the month.

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