The mental health of Afghan women has worsened throughout the country due to the harsh measures imposed by the Taliban

The mental health of Afghan women has worsened throughout the country due to the harsh measures imposed by the Taliban

Islamabad – The mental health of the Afghan women, who have been affected by the harsh measures imposed by the Taliban since he took power two years ago, it has worsened throughout the country, according to a report carried out by three agencies of the UN which was published on Tuesday.

Nearly 70% of women reported that their feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression had worsened significantly between April and June, compared to 57% the previous quarter, according to the report by UN Women, the International Organization for Migration and the Mission of United Nations assistance in Afghanistan.

The Afghan women were interviewed virtually, in person and in group consultations, as well as through individual telesurveys. In total, 592 women from 22 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces participated.

The women reported different conditions psychological, such as depression, insomnia, loss of hope and motivation, anxiety, fear, aggression, isolation and a gradual increase in withdrawal behaviors and suicidal thoughts.

Taking power in 2021, as US and NATO forces were withdrawing from the country after two decades of war, the Taliban promised to adopt a more moderate government than their previous period in power in the 1990s. However, they have imposed harsh measures, and many of them are aimed at women.

They have excluded women from most areas of public and work life and have prohibited girls from continuing their studies after primary school. They have prohibited Afghan women from working in local and non-governmental organizations. In April, the ban was extended to United Nations employees.

Study opportunities continued to shrink after community education provided by international organizations and de facto authorities was banned. -term used by the UN to refer to the Taliban government- Home schooling initiatives were regularly shut down.

Afghanistan is the only country in the world that restricts female education, and the rights of women and children in this country are on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly which takes place this week in New York.

Taliban spokespeople were not immediately available to comment on the report released Tuesday, but in the past, Taliban officials have referenced sharia, or Islamic law, to support their policies regarding women and girls.

Last month, Mohammad Sadiq Akif, spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, said women lose value if men can see their uncovered faces in public.

According to the report, between April and June 2023, 81% of women had not contacted local Taliban authorities at all to discuss matters relevant to them. According to the report, this figure coincides with the interaction levels of the previous quarter.

46% of women said that the Taliban government should not be recognized internationally under any circumstances, while 50% indicated that recognition should only occur under specific conditions linked to improving women’s rights. Among them, the restoration of education and employment and the formation of an inclusive government.

The women expressed concern that recognition would only encourage the Taliban government to continue toughening its policies and practices against women and girls.

The Afghans specifically urged the international community to maintain political and economic sanctions against the Taliban, including not granting exemptions to travel bans. They called for increased dialogue with the Taliban on gender equality and women’s rights, including the participation of community and religious leaders in awareness-raising efforts.

The women expressed their desire to support initiatives that offer counseling and psychological services, as well as access to international scholarships and safe migration options so that women and girls can study and work abroad.

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