The most important guest for Sunshine Logrono and “El Remix” returns

With the arrival of a new season of “El Remix” the most important guest for producer Emmanuel “Sunshine” Logrono and his entire cast of actors will also make an appearance, and for whom they have known how to wait three years and even a “little” further.

It’s about a “flesh and blood” public, that will arrive at the studio of the comedy program that airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on WAPA Television and WAPA America.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, abrupt changes also came to the Island in the way we live together as a society; Likewise in how comedy is done. For the producer of “El Remix” it was “interesting” to spend all this time doing comedy without the audience present, applauding and even crying with laughter.

However, they were years of challenges, since “it was necessary to have direct contact with the public.” “When you don’t have an audience… you don’t know what works and what doesn’t… When “You are without an audience, one swears that everything is going to work,” he commented between laughs to The new day, minutes before making the call to begin the final rehearsal.

Visibly excited, and even a little anxious, these actors walked around the studio with script in hand, reviewing their lines and dance steps with each other to get into action as soon as Sunshine indicated it.

The cameras turned on and they began to practice with the first audience that arrived, made up mostly of producers, cameramen, and colleagues from the channel.

They rehearsed each scene up to two times, and always, even with a small detail, something changed along the way, and for the better! demonstrating her spontaneity and naturalness when acting.

Hours passed and with them the moment they had been waiting for so much approached. Very soon they would not act only among themselves, but with the people who would arrive there.

This season debuts a colorful and eye-catching set with a “vibrant” new logo. Furthermore, with the public as a special guest, the “Impro Remix” segment. It is a space in which young people Kiko Nunez, Maurim Chiclana and Anamaris Santiago, members of the cast and also the Puerto Rican Impro Leaguewill involve people from the audience to participate in the comedy, demonstrating their skills to follow the improvisation with the “forced foot” that is given to them on a topic in the television space.

“They are different games, but obviously you are going to see the fluency and the creativity at the moment. And the reaction of the public will show that it is completely improvised,” said Kiko Nunez.

The public will have the opportunity to play and be part of the “sketches”“, not just to applaud and enjoy them, but to be part of and create the stories with us,” commented Maurim Chiclana. Likewise, for Santiago the arrival of this new improvisation space “breaks the fourth wall and achieves a clearer closeness.”

For the cast, also made up of Wanda Sais, Marian Pabon, Luis Galan, Luis Santiago “Ponce”, Marangelie Velez, Natasha Ortiz, Jay Seratti, Edwin Emil Moro and Fernan Mirandathe energy and immediate reaction that only the people who from today onwards will come every week to see them live are irreplaceable.

“The audience imparts energy, something that is felt… and that is not felt when there is no audience. Above all When you’re doing comedy, you need that response in the moment. They are going to have a good season,” actress Marian Pabon added excitedly.

Since the good does not go away, “El Remix” will continue with the comedy steps of “Mommy please” and “The CDT”among others, with funny themes of the news events in the country that they promise will make you “die laughing.”

If you want to reserve a space to participate in the program, you must contact 787-625-4536.

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