The name of Terestella Gonzalez Denton is being raised for the mayor of San Juan for the PPD

The name of Terestella Gonzalez Denton is being raised for the mayor of San Juan for the PPD

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Terestella Gonzalez Dentonwho was executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company in the administration of Anibal Acevedo Vilaleads the list of names of possible candidates for mayor of San Juan in the 2024 elections under the banner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

The PPD spokesperson in the Municipal Legislature of San Juan, Manuel Calderon Cerameconfirmed this Friday to The new day who have had conversations with Gonzalez Denton about different candidates for the next elections, “particularly in San Juan.”

“At this moment, she is evaluating where she can serve San Juan and Puerto Rico through the Popular Democratic Party,” he explained. “We have had conversations, but it is, right now, in your hands to make that determination. I am sure that, as soon as he has it, he will be communicating it to the country.”

Gonzalez Denton could not immediately be reached for an interview.

Former governor Acevedo Vila appointed Gonzalez Denton as Director of Tourism in January 2005. In his podcast, earlier this Friday, the former governor assured that Gonzalez Denton “did an excellent job, he had four years without controversies.”

For his part, Calderon Cerame said that the name of Gonzalez Denton arose in the search for a leader in San Juan as part of the “Metropolitan Task Force”, which was appointed by the president of La Pava, Jesus Manuel Ortiz.

“We had two alternatives: either look for a candidate with political experience and recognition, or think something outside the box, something non-traditional. In that sense, one of the people who headed that list and who we had found out was interested in a candidacy in 2024, none in particular, is our friend Terestella,” commented the popular one.

Although he refused to confirm whether Gonzalez Denton is specifically evaluating a candidacy for mayor of San Juan, he described that possibility as “a refreshing, new candidacy.” “He is a very talented person with an impeccable track record of public service, both in the academic field and in the private sector,” said Calderon Cerame.

“It would add a lot if, in fact, that candidacy for mayor of San Juan materializes. I would add to the issues of economic development, security, encouraging the tourism industry, which I believe is a weakness that the administration of Miguel Romero (current mayor)”he stated.

Gonzalez Denton, who has not held any political position, worked in the tourism sector of San Juan during the municipal administration of the former governor. Sila Maria Calderon. In 2007, she was recognized by the international publication Travel Weekly among the 33 senior tourism leaders with the greatest impact and influence in the travel industry internationally.

The PPD opened its internal candidacy filing process on Monday, ahead of the official process before the State Election Commission (EEC), from December 1 to 30.

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