“The Picassas”: Lovers of art and social gatherings

“The Picassas”: Lovers of art and social gatherings

Through lines, brushstrokes, conversations, laughter and lots and lots of color, artisan Louisa Torres Hernandez De Alvarez shares her art knowledge every Wednesday with “The Picassas”, a group of women who are enthusiastic about artisanal creations.

The group was born a decade ago, when Torres Hernandez De Alvarez, who specializes in paintings on stones and bird feathers, decided to open the doors of his home to receive, free of charge, ladies who wanted to learn to develop themselves in art.

“10 years ago I started with Las Picassas from Levittown, Toa Baja, who are a group of ladies and there are some young girls, to whom I teach art techniques. I started because one of them (Carmen Ana Cruz) her husband died. So, she asked me to teach her how to paint as therapy. I started with about four people, there are now 11. She (Cruz) is still here and all this was done for her.”said Torres Hernandez De Alvarez, 77 years old, who was inspired by the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso, when defining the group name.

With her Picassas, Louisa has managed to form a group of artists, but at the same time, she created a circle of friends, who support each other in the processes that each one goes through and who, in turn, are a source of inspiration to create beautiful works. of art.

“Many people who have cancer have come and they come not only to learn something about painting, it is like a way of relief, a sharing. We have become friends. “You throw them out through one door and they enter through the other,” said the artisan, who has been certified since 1997 by the Industrial Development Company and the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP), laughing.

In addition to providing workshops to women, Louisa also imparts her knowledge to children and young people, and has always been at the service of the community, as she has worked as a religious leader for many years and that desire to serve continues latent in her heart.

“I was a children’s catechist for more than 30 years at the Holy Trinity of Levittown and I was also a minister of the Eucharist, bringing communion to sick people. I am passionate about serving. I think that, if God gives you a gift, you have to share it with others. All my life I have shared everything I learn,” commented the artist.

The artisan also stated that this role in society is an important part of her life.

“I am so used to these ladies coming, we are a family, my satisfaction is that each one of them is happy with what they do,” she said.

“At this point, I think that Dad God has been good to me, I have achieved many things. I managed to be an artisan, I managed to be a minister, I managed to be a catechist. Whatever God gives me along the way, I receive it because one has to receive it with love,” acknowledged the Toabajena, who opens the doors of her home without expecting anything in return.

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