The PNP submits a new shortlist of candidates for presidency of the EEC

The PNP submits a new shortlist of candidates for presidency of the EEC

As had been proposed last week, three new candidates were submitted today for the consideration of the electoral commissioners to fill the presidency of the State Election Commission (CEE) after the judge Francisco Rosado Colomer resigned last July, the electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party (NPP), Vanessa Santo Domingo Cruz.

Three parties appeared at the conclave, Popular Democratic Party (PPD)he Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) and the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC).

“In compliance with article 3.7 of the electoral code and as requested by the president of the PNP, Pedro Pierluisiwe presented a shortlist of judges to fill the vacancy of president of the EEC and they were asked that the matter be attended to quickly,” said Ms. Santo Domingo.

The PNP commissioner reiterated, however, the ‘good faith’ with which the president of her community, Governor Pierluisi, has acted, who, Santo Domingo recalled, has previously made appointments of officials to the House of Representatives and the Senate who have been rejected outright by the Legislative Assembly without holding a public hearing.

“We hope that there is openness and the seriousness that is required to address this matter,” Santo Domingo added.

According to the electoral commissioner, Several commissioners reported that they must consult with their respective political groups to present their position on the evaluation of these candidates.

Last week, the governor had indicated that, while carrying out the process of appointing a real president, the judge Jessika Padilla Rivera will continue to lead the electoral body.

“I do not rule out making new appointments, in fact, I understand that (in the PNP) we are going to be making appointments. We are going to submit a shortlist of three additional candidates for the presidency of the EEC. The alternate presidency is occupied. Where, right now, there is a vacancy is in the presidency”Pierluisi had announced on Thursday.

For its part, and after the Court of San Juan dismissed a lawsuit submitted by the president of the Senate and leader of the PPD majority in that legislative body, Jose Luis Dalmauwhere he argued that the alternate president Jessika Padilla Riverain charge of the CEE since July 11, is not legally empowered to assume the leadership of the electoral body, last Friday the popular leader submitted a new appeal to the courts.

“Once again, we are forced to appeal to the Judiciary to order Governor Pedro Pierluisi (to) comply with the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. “The governor, in his obstinacy, instructs the alternate president to remain in office, despite the fact that a judicial determination clearly explained to her that her term as interim president ended on November 14 at 12:00 midnight,” Dalmau Santiago had raised in writing.

According to the senatorial leader, The lawsuit also requires that the chief executive submit a proprietary appointment to the leadership of the EEC.

The new legal appeal, presented before the Court of First Instance of San Juan, indicates that, on August 30, Pierluisi, “motu proprio, decided that he would not nominate more judges” for the presidency of the EEC, and that Padilla Rivera would serve as president, without the endorsement of the Legislature, “thus violating the right of the Senate to evaluate the nominations and consider them, as required by the law itself.”

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