The president of Mexico proposes constitutional reform so that the population elects judges by direct vote

The president of Mexico proposes constitutional reform so that the population elects judges by direct vote

Campeche, Mexico – The Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorannounced this Friday in his fifth Government report a constitutional reform so that the population can elect the judges of the Judiciary and the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) by direct vote.

“I am going to propose a constitutional reform initiative to cleanse the Judiciary of complicity, conflicts of interest, unspeakable coexistence, corruption and waste of resources“, declared the president in Campeche, a state in the southeast of the country.

“It is essential and urgent that the judges, magistrates and ministers (of the Supreme Court) be elected directly by the people and not appointed by the economic and political power elite of Mexico,” he added.

Lopez Obrador offered his fifth and penultimate government report, which the presidents of Mexico must submit every September 1.

At the event, the president revived his friction with the Supreme Court and the Judiciary, which has stopped his legal reforms such as the energy nationalization policy and the militarization of the National Guard.

As an example, he cited that the SCJN stopped the distribution of its school textbooks in the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila after judicial protection from conservative organizations.

Therefore, he indicated that in his last legislature in Congress, which begins this Friday, will propose to reform the Constitution so that all judges of the Judiciary are subject to popular election.

“Just as the municipal presidents, men or women, are elected, the governors, just as the local deputies are elected, the federal deputies, the senators, the president of the republic, so we must elect the judges, magistrates and ministers,” he explained.

The president reiterated his accusations that the Supreme Court and the Judiciary are corrupt and are linked to interests contrary to his Government.

“It is not a minor thing, those administering justice must serve the people, their causes and their mandates, and not, as is happening now, operate under the banner of benefiting political and economic groups or factions and even under the banner of criminal interests.” , he expressed.

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