The reality of caregivers in Puerto Rico through a powerful campaign

The reality of caregivers in Puerto Rico through a powerful campaign

In Puerto Rico, one in five people works as a caregiver. Likewise, 75% of the island’s caregivers are women, a figure that shows the disproportionate burden they face in this work.

These data were offered during the launch event of the new advertising campaign of CeraVe Puerto Rico, “Put yourself in their shoes.” The effort, led by L’Oreal Dermatological Beautyseeks to raise awareness about the challenges that caregivers face such as the lack of adequate support and resources, which makes them feel overwhelmed.

“For the L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty division and its CeraVe brands, Vichy and La Roche-Posayand not only the brands, but the entire work team on a personal level, we are honored to be here tonight, giving voice, making visible, showing our respect and our greatest admiration to the caregivers of Puerto Rico and the titanic work they do daily these people,” expressed Gabriela Garcia, manager of the L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty brand on the island as a welcome.

“Put yourself in her shoes” presented three real stories, full of love, empathy, improvement and dedication: “Monica’s purpose”, “Who is Wanda Gisela?” and “Yan’s Parenthesis.” The campaign, they detailed, will have a presence in the country’s digital, print and television media.

“Monica’s purpose”

“Every second that Monica shares with her son, ‘the great Luigi’ is valuable. We witness a unique and exceptional maternal love that has turned her into a true warrior. Monica’s story invites us to put ourselves in her shoes and reflect on her work and dedication as a caregiver,” they announced prior to the video screening that opened the event.

“Since Luigi came into my life, I can say that a different story began,” stated the interior designer by profession. “That desire to fight to bring your child’s state of health to where he can be happy and calm. He was born a warrior. If he doesn’t give up, neither will I,” she added.

The audience, made up of influencers, members of the press, partners and clients of the brands, remained silent. Like Tiffany Belmont, assistant brand manager for L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty, the campaign opened many’s eyes to realize that they were living with a caregiver or were one of them.

“Who is Wanda Gisela?”

Likewise, the story of Wanda Gisela was presented, who, upon becoming the caregiver of her son Yadriel and her husband Eric, assumed this role “as a gift that life gave her.”

“I am the hands, the feet, the voice of Yadriel and with my husband, during this last year I have been like his guide. Everything he has wanted to express he has done through my voice. Being a caregiver, apart from being a great responsibility, is a commitment of love,” he explained.

“Yan’s parenthesis”

Finally, it was time to learn Yan’s story, the most moving moment of the meeting, which took place in the Center for Puerto Rico Sila M. Calderon. It turns out that the professional actor decided to take a pause in his life to give a warm hug to a new stage where he gave priority to caring for his father.

At this moment in his life, he stressed, it was a challenge that he took on with determination and love. In this way, the interpreter became an example of inspiration that reminds everyone of the transformative power that the love between a father and a son has.

“I’m an actor, but I’m my dad’s caregiver. I put my life on pause to give ‘play’ to his life. My role right now is to be present with him so that he can have everything he needs. I feel grateful for what I am doing. First, because I love my dad, because he did it for me, why shouldn’t I do it for him? “He explained.

Before moving on to a short interview to give greater visibility to the central theme of the effort, the well-being of caregivers, Garcia made an unexpected announcement.

“I will not miss the opportunity to express our deepest condolences to Yan, who is here present. Unfortunately, his father, Luis Raul Collazo, who was part of this filming, passed away a week ago. But as I told you just now, and I’ll tell you again: ‘May you have the satisfaction that you dedicated your time, your love, your affection to him and spent his last days with him, and I know that he will be eternally grateful to you.’ , so you have that satisfaction.’ Thank you for being here with us,” he expressed.

In order to help all caregivers in Puerto Rico, L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty created the website, where those who access will find a podcast series in which several health professionals collaborated. According to the brand manager, the initiative is focused on mental health, from the hand of psychologist Jaiselle Vega. They will also learn the importance of having correct skin care with dermatologist Rocio Cardona. They will also have the opportunity to review the components of good nutrition with nutritionist Gabriela Tirado.

CeraVe, La Roche Posay and Vichy decided to go further and committed to continuing their responsibility to make the work of caregivers in Puerto Rico visible by seeking new opportunities to highlight and recognize their great actions. Therefore, they invited everyone to join by purchasing their products in all stores. Walgreens of the island. Automatically, consumers will be donating one dollar to the Buenos Dias Don Ruben organization to provide professional assistance and services to caregivers.

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