The reason why Young Miko’s lights and sound were turned off at his show in Costa Rica

The Puerto Rican trap singer Young Miko, was one of the artists who presented her show for celebrate the anniversary of an event and experience production company called JoGo, in Costa Rica, where Puerto Ricans also performed Blackberry and Alvaro Diazas well as Eladio Carrion.

Almost at the end of the show, which he presented as part of his “Trap Kitty World Tour 2023” in At the Pedregal Events Center, in San Jose, Costa Rica, the stage lights were surprisingly turned off, as can be seen in various videos published on social networks.

“If you are going to do this to me, look how nice, enlighten me,” She expressed the voice of “Classy 101” through the microphone to her followers, who shone their cell phones at her so she could continue her performance. Later, you can also see that she loses sound from the microphone and it is her audience who continues with the song. The moment made Young Miko overcome with emotion and reacted by crying, as she walked off the stage.

This media outlet contacted its public relations team, De Castro Media, which gave the reasons for what happened. “Due to technical problems, the lights went out at Young Miko’s show. While they were fixing the issue of lights, sound and the whole situation, her time on stage for her show ran out, so they turned off the sound. Not being able to finish her song caused her to get emotional and start crying.”they told via telephone The new day about what happened, while adding that the singer had no knowledge of what was happening at that time.

It is not the first time that this has happened to Puerto Rican urban singers in shows in Latin America. A few months ago something similar happened to Archangelin Medellin Colombia, who ranted against the organizers of an event for “cutting off” his presentation and denounced what happened as a lack of respect.

Emerging artist Young Miko, who has become a sensation in trap and reggaeton, momentarily left the tour of Karol G in the United States to debut successfully in Colombia with three concerts that ended in Cali, Barranquilla and Bogota, in Colombia.

Her Trap Kitty World Tour 2023 continues this month and next with performances in Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.

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