The Rio Piedras Campus of the UPR calls for the creation of murals to celebrate its 120th anniversary

As part of the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the University of Puerto Ricohe Rio Piedras Campus calls for the creation of five murals in various areas of the campus, a project called “Murals for the 120th anniversary of the UPR.”

A jury made up of art specialists from the venue will choose five proposals and their creators will be provided with the necessary materials to execute each mural.

The places selected for the creation of these murals are:

  • Multi-story parking – wall on the corner of Barbosa Avenue and wall towards Gandara Avenue (measurement 35′.0′′ x 50′.0′′)
  • Radio Universidad – south facade (measurement 50′.11′′ x 29′.0′′)
  • Domingo Marrero Navarro Building – north facade wall (measurement 61′.6′′ x 39′.10′′)
  • Concrete platform between Agustin Stahl and Facundo Bueso buildings (measurement 69′.5′′ x 120′.0′′)
  • Southeast corner of the Faculty of Natural Sciences building Phase 1 (southeast corner – South: 31′-10″ x 40′-6″, East: 43′-6″ (150′-6″ total wall) x 40′ -6″

According to the communication issued, The murals are ephemeral in nature, for this reason the UPR reserves the right to replace or eliminate them at its discretion, either after a period of time due to deterioration due to being outdoors.until the next contest is held where they may be replaced or for any reason that the university deems appropriate, without the need to obtain prior consent from the artists.

The deadline for submitting proposals is October 11, 2023.

To access the complete contest rules and fill out the corresponding application, you must access

For the rector, Dr. Angelica Varela Llavona, this initiative “not only opens a space to promote contemporary urban art, but also stimulates the participation of artists, both from the oldest and most emblematic campus of the UPR, and from the external community. —local and international— while various spaces of the institution are renovated and beautified.

“I encourage all interested artists to submit their proposals and be part of this great anniversary of our alma mater!” said Varela Llavona through written communication.

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