The Rolling Stones defy age with new songs after 18 years

The Rolling Stones defy age with new songs after 18 years

The Rolling Stonesdemonstrated this Wednesday in London that they have not lost a bit of their sense of spectacle, by presenting their first album with new songs in 18 years, “Hackney Diamonds”a nod to his hooligan and London spirit.

The legendary rock band released their first single, titled “Angry” (“Angry”), but they seem anything but angry.

Mick jagger (80 years), Keith Richards (79) and Ronnie Wood (76) cling to their classic rock of “riffs” and pounding melodies to remain in the spotlight, but, above all, to their status as musical legends with an unmatched gift for captivating the public.

At the presentation of “Hackney Diamonds”, in a theater in the London neighborhood of the same name, the American presenter Jimmy Fallon He interrogated the Stones to let them show off charisma and humor, although there was also a memory for Charlie Watts, their late drummer who died two years ago.

“Everything is different since Charlie left. “Of course we miss him, he’s number four!” said Richards, who congratulated himself for having Steve Jordan on drums on the new album, who received Watts’ “blessing” before he died.

Watts himself participated in two songs, recorded in 2019, of the 12 that make up the new album, which has a panoply of stellar collaborations such as those of Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder or the group’s former bassist Bill Wymann and will go on sale on October 20.

Almost two decades of waiting

“Why did it take us 18 years to release an album? Well, because we are very lazy”, Jagger said, laughing, although the process was “very quick,” according to Wood.

They entered the recording studio in December, finished in January and by February they had finished producing it.

Always sparkling and willing to show off his energy, the singer acknowledged that the key to the longevity of his musical marriage with Keith Richards is “not talking too much.”

And he revealed that the meaning of the album’s title (“Hackney Diamonds”, in Spanish) refers to an old expression from London street slang to refer to the glass that is scattered on the ground after committing a robbery.

When thinking about names for the album, “we went from ‘hit and run’ to ‘smash and grab’, and in between that we got to ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ which is a variation of both and “He’s a Londoner,” Richards explained.

Hackney is also one of the most vibrant and “hipster” neighborhoods in London right now. Always looking to update themselves to connect with the public, the Stones have gone from the Carnaby Street of the 60s, in the heart of Soho, to the multicultural and alternative east of the capital.

Hand in hand with Fallon, they looked back on their career. Jagger recalled the first press conference he and Richards gave: two journalists were waiting for them with a pint of beer in hand, they gave them their album and they left.

Nothing to do with the planetary event – broadcast on YouTube and in front of hundreds of journalists and fans – with which they presented this album, the twenty-fourth in the studio of their career.

And faced with a question without a possible answer, at least in Jagger’s opinion (“what is your favorite song by the band?”), Keith Richards surprised by getting wet: “I would say it’s ‘Gimme Shelter’ or ‘Jumping Jack Flash’.”

By then, the Stones had already put the audience in their pockets. Few are capable of equaling them in that.

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