The second place in “The House of the Famous 4” will receive a prize of $100,000

The second place in “The House of the Famous 4” will receive a prize of 0,000

Within the framework of the celebration of the 100 days of coexistence within “The house of the famous”the residents received great news that left everyone speechless and eager to be part of the select group of five finalists.

From the hand of the Chilean actor Cristian de la Fuenteentered the house of Telemundo a small briefcase with $100,000 that will be given to the resident who finishes in second position.

“The second place no longer leaves empty-handed. I’m going to put this where it belongs. This is the $200 thousand for first place, the one who turns off the light in the house, but whoever leaves first does not leave empty-handed. So they don’t have to fight so much anymore. As an incentive, two briefcases”commented de la Fuente.

The television presenter also wished the inhabitants of the fourth season luck for the remainder of the competition. “I hope that this gift that I brought you today, with all my love, will serve you for what you want to do in the future.”

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