The son of wrestler “The Precious One” has been found in good health

The son of wrestler “The Precious One” has been found in good health

Kenneth Cruz Santanason of Gilberto Cruz Lasalle, known as “The Precious One” in the wrestling industry in Puerto Rico, appeared in good health on Tuesday.

According to a spokesperson for the Puerto Rico Police Press Office, Cruz Santana was found by his father, who subsequently informed the police of his whereabouts.

At the time of this publication, authorities were interviewing the young man and his family to determine what happened.

In a post on social media, Cruz Lasalle had reported that his son had been “missing since Saturday. If any of my friends or family see him, please write to me by inbox. His name is Kenneth Cruz, he is 6′2 tall and weighs 240″.

Cruz Lasalle notified the police on Monday about the situation, explaining that the young man left his home with an unknown person, in a white Toyota Corolla Hatchback.

Before calling the police, Cruz Lasalle made several unsuccessful attempts to find him. Cruz Santana has black hair and brown eyes. When he left his house, he was wearing blue jeans, a brown shirt, black tennis shoes and a black cap.

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