The Three Kings’ Day government party in the T-Mobile District is organized and family-friendly

The Three Kings’ Day government party in the T-Mobile District is organized and family-friendly

The smiles of the Puerto Rican boys and girls who arrived this Friday to eagerly collect the Three Kings’ Day box were the main protagonists in the official celebration of the Government of Puerto Rico, “King for the District”, In San Juan.

For the first time, the traditional government celebration of Three Kings’ Day was celebrated in the T-Mobile District before the visit of hundreds of people who spent a day of family fun on the eve of one of the most beautiful Christmas traditions: arrival of the Three Wise Men from the East.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi and hundreds of other public employees attended the event, which began receiving visitors at 9:00 am. of the more than 30 government agencies that participated in the great Three Kings party. In fact, the governor signed an executive order to grant today, January 5, 2024, free time for public employees.

The street in front of the T-Mobile District was transformed into an entertainment festival, where nearly 30 exhibitors from government agencies were located that housed game stations, snacks, breakfast, inflatables, clowns, magicians, children’s characters, face painting, pop corn, candy, music, toys and even a farm of animals. In short, everything you need to spend a day of healthy fun for children and their respective families.

Part of the characters who offered entertainment in the activity. (David Villafane/Staff)

The governor pointed out that just like last year when the Three Kings’ party was held on the eve of the celebration, the T-Mobile District turned out to be a more comfortable and ideal space for the celebration compared to previous editions. In 2023 the event will take place at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico. The first executive highlighted that the main thing about the celebration is that families could enjoy all the scheduled activities until 6:00 p.m.

“This is what we wanted, an enjoyable event for all children, there is everything for children. There is music outside… and people are very lively. I am glad that there is a lot of joy and people are positive about this type of activity that is done to share with the family during this Christmas, which is ours and the longest. There is still a little more time left, which are the Octavitas and the SanSe Festivals (San Sebastian),” said Pierluisi, in his meeting with the country’s media, after touring the event’s exhibitors for almost two hours and greeting the attendees.

“I think this location for the party is better than last year, because here we have a lot of outdoor space, which is where I was almost all the time and although it is hot, there are tents and then here in The T-Mobile District, the ease is fabulous and very comfortable for the family,” added the governor, who said that the only request he makes to the Three Wise Men “a lot of health to do what I have to do and health for my loved ones, my girlfriend, my children, my grandchildren, my brother and for everyone”.

The family image was repeated during the event. Families carried dozens of recyclable bags with the logos of government agencies full of candy, toys, fruits, snacks, glasses and promotional items, among others. Even tests to detect COVID-19 were distributed by the Department of Health, which also announced its vaccination campaign and located a station in its tent so that children could express art with paintings and games. The animal farm was designed by the Department of Agriculture.

From the moment attendees arrived at the T-Mobile District, they could visit each station and would never leave empty-handed due to the amount of gifts and items distributed.

The Three Wise Men tent was one of the main attractions for the children who took the opportunity to make their requests amidst photos. Prior to the Three Wise Men station, the display of the boxes for the camels of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation was also packed with attendees.

The Three Kings’ Day government party in the T-Mobile District is organized and family-friendly
The little ones enjoyed giant-sized board games, like this “Connect 4.” (David Villafane/Staff)

One of the families that attended the event for the first time was Leslie Figueroa, mother of two children aged 9 and 5, resident of Canovanas. Figueroa arrived around 9:00 am with her two children and 12 other families, all from the eastern municipality.

“It is the first time and I really liked that it is organized and calm. We parked quickly and the kids went to look for the Three Kings box and they are happy. The truth is that we came to enjoy the whole day as a family,” said Figueroa.

Another mother who also attended the Three Kings’ party for the first time was Vanessa Milanes with her one-year-old baby. The Vega Baja resident decided to attend with her little daughter Elisa Resto to take photos with the various characters and “have a fun, family day.”

The resident of Vega Baja highlighted the organization of the activity and stated that she thinks it is a good idea that the government holiday is on January 5 and not on Three Kings Day itself, as it was in previous four-year periods.

“I like that it is here in the District because it is a nice and comfortable place. Until now everything is calm and organized,” young Elba Velez, a resident of Barceloneta and mother of four-year-old Lia Davila, told this medium.

Also, there were clowns painting the faces of those present.
Also, there were clowns painting the faces of those present. (David Villafane/Staff)

In the T-Mobile District plaza, families enjoyed the music of the Police Band and other musical activities. At the stroke of 2:00 pm the doors of the Coca-Cola Music Hall opened for the presentations of DJ King Arthur, the ACirc circus and the children’s group Attention, Attention.

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