The United States calls on scammed Fortnite users to claim to recover their money

Washington – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) USA announced this Tuesday the opening of the claims process for video game users Fortnite from Epic Gameswho were taken to do “unwanted purchases” through “deceptive practices”.

Through a statement, the FTC explained that it has begun to notify those who may be entitled to financial compensation for making unwanted purchases derived from the “dark patterns and other deceptive practices” to fool the players.

The FTC has begun the process of notifying more than 37 million people via email that they may be eligible to receive compensation, a process that will take a month to complete. Consumers will have until January 17, 2024 to file a claim.

In March 2023 the US government signed an agreement with Epic Games by which the company will pay $245 million that will be used to directly return money to video game consumers, after having admitted to resorting to configurations “deceptive” for users, including children and adolescents, to subscribe and provide their data.

In a complaint filed in December 2022, the FTC alleged that Epic Games implemented a variety of design tricks aimed at getting consumers of all ages to make unwanted in-game purchases.

The company also made it easier for children to make purchases without parental consent and blocked the accounts of those who disputed unauthorized credit card charges with their banks.

In another parallel lawsuit, Epic Games will also have to pay 275 million for violating the privacy of minors by collecting personal information through the game Fortnite. This is the largest fine imposed for violation of the United States Children’s Internet Protection Act.

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