The US film awards season is in danger due to the actors union strike

The US film awards season is in danger due to the actors union strike

One hundred days after the US Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) began a strike against the major film studios hollywoodthe union’s chief negotiator, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, assured EFE that “without a new agreement,” they will not participate in film awards as prestigious as the Oscar.

“With a new agreement, the awards season will continue as normal. Otherwise, our members, including top actors, will not participate in any way in the awards season.”Crabtree-Ireland said this Saturday.

Likewise, the head of the national executive of SAG-AFTRA added that in the coming weeks they will have a more detailed plan on this matter because now all their efforts are focused on “seeking a fair solution” together with the Alliance of Film Producers and Television (AMPTP).

The US film awards season includes internationally known awards such as the Golden Globes, which should open the course on January 7; the SAG Awards -delivered by the actors’ union itself; the Critics Choice Awards; and the Oscars themselves, which serve as the culmination and are scheduled for March 10.

However, doubts about the celebration and their impact on its 2024 editions begin to grow among industry professionals when the SAG-AFTRA pickets are 100 days old. who demand from AMPTP a regulated use of artificial intelligence and greater residual rights – extra bonuses every time one of their productions is broadcast again on a platform-.

Crabtree-Ireland made its position very clear, emphasizing that its interest is now in “returning to the negotiating table,” after the AMPTP abruptly abandoned the talks 10 days ago.

“No one can find an agreement without negotiating, the departure of AMPTP has been very irresponsible”the chief negotiator of SAG-AFTRA told EFE in a telephone interview.

The context two weeks ago was quite rosy for everyone, after the agreement with the studios that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) managed to materialize after months of a joint strike with the actors, but it was blown up because of residual rights.

SAG-AFTRA unsuccessfully proposed obtaining 2% of revenue from studios and streaming services due to its contribution to the industry. Later, they incorporated the possibility of being compensated 57 cents for each new subscriber on the platforms, something that was also rejected.

A “too large gap” for the studios and a “legitimate contribution” for Hollywood actors that keeps negotiations at a standstill.

“There was really no response from him. They said there were too many differences and they left the negotiating table, but when there is a negotiation, both parties need to communicate and make offers,” the SAG-AFTRA chief negotiator explained.

Crabtree-Ireland was more optimistic with his possible understanding of a regulated use of AI in the industry because, according to him, it is understood to be of “vital importance for the future” of the business and an agreement in this regard “is not so far from other economic issues.”

Finally, the SAG-AFTRA representative denied information that type A actors – the most reputable and best paid in the industry – with George Clooney at the head, among others, disagree with the union’s policies and there is an internal division when it comes to how to reach a new agreement.

“Everyone has always told us that they support us, the negotiating committee and the president (Fran Drescher). They have their ideas, like the rest of the members, but that is not a sign of lack of support on their part,” she concluded.

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