They appoint an FEI against representative Jose Rivera Madera

The Office of the Special Independent Prosecutor Panel (OPFEI) assigned a prosecutor to carry out judicial litigation against the representative Jose Rivera Madera for allegedly being involved in a protest against the construction of a telecommunications tower in Guayanilla.

The events date back to last May, when representative Rivera Madera allegedly obstructed the passage of a concrete truck that was preparing to deposit the material in the area, for which the representative was arrested.

According to a preliminary report issued by the Department of Justice to that office, Rivera Madera and the other protesters were directed prior to crossing the cordoned off area and entering the area.

The investigation also showed that a lieutenant of the Puerto Rico Police warned the protesters that the builders had the permits and authorizations required by law and that the protesters’ conduct allegedly violated the penal code of Puerto Rico.

“After a considered analysis of the aforementioned investigation report and the evidence that accompanies it, we consider that evidence emerges tending to demonstrate that Representative Rivera Madero may have incurred the violations of law indicated”reads a press release issued by the OPFEI.

Regarding the incident, Rivera Madera had told The new day that the situation occurred because they were carrying out construction work during the early morning.

“At 3:00 in the morning I receive a call that they are making cement shots at that time, that they are the large cement mixers arriving there to the community to continue working. “What happens is that for that to happen they have to have a permit to work at that time.”he expressed.

In August, Justice had already recommended the assignment of an FEI against Rivera Madera.

“We are going to follow the process, see what it leads to, if in fact the Special Independent Prosecutor’s Panel accepts the recommendation of the Department of Justice and, finally, see what happens with the investigation, if there will be an accusation”the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) legislator had said at that time.

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