“They are going to see me on the ballot”: Jenniffer Gonzalez confirms that she is expecting twins and that she will continue to be active in political life

The news that she will be the mother of twins, rather than making her rethink her future, reinforces, in the resident commissioner Jennifer Gonzalezher interest in remaining active in politics, including a possible candidacy for governor for the New Progressive Party (PNP).

In interview with The new day from her residence, with her husband, Jose Yovin VargasGonzalez stated that she is ready to be a mother and made clear her desire for her children to be born and grow up in Puerto Rico. “You are going to see me on the ballot and, with the favor of God, there is very little left to announce where I am going or where we are going”, shared the commissioner. “And with more strength,” Vargas added.

So, doesn’t this stop her? she was asked. “Backwards, backwards. This helps me experience what our families experience on the island. This helps me to be able to combine what everyone does, who has to juggle with their family, with the kids, with work.…”, he added.

“They are going to see me on the ballot, in the name of God,” he pointed out.

On Sunday, the couple shared, through the commissioner’s social networks, that they would be parents. The message was accompanied by an image of the sonogram that confirmed that the arrival would be double. “Today my husband and I want to share our deep joy! One of the most special moments in our lives. “We will be parents!” Gonzalez published.

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez and her husband, Jose Yovin Vargas, took to social media on Sunday to announce that they will be parents. The delivery is scheduled for March 2024. (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

Congratulations were immediate and came from everywhere, he noted. He said that the president of the Senate, Jose Luis Dalmau, called her. The coordinator of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Manuel Natal, and the former president of the Senate Thomas Rivera Schatz, among many others, also communicated with her via text message.

“I am happy, and I want to share that happiness with everyone”said Gonzalez.

The couple – obviously happy – said that they found out they would be parents in July. In the following months, however, they decided to share the news only with their respective parents. “The first three months have already passed. That does not mean that one is going to stop taking care of oneself, but we feel a little more confident,” commented the commissioner.

So far, he added, everything has gone smoothly. There hasn’t been a bad belly or many cravings. “The emotion when we received the proof that she was (pregnant), that was a show-off, as they would say. But, when we found out that there were two, that was spectacular, and people took it the same way,” added the former president of the House of Representatives.

They said that there was no “Olympic cold” when they found out that the arrival would be double. “This man who is here (Vargas), he wants to create a baseball team, and he told me that from day one. I think it is a very big blessing,” he insisted.

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