They are looking for a man against whom there is an arrest warrant for a murder in Loiza

They are looking for a man against whom there is an arrest warrant for a murder in Loiza

He Intelligence and Arrest Bureau of the Police Bureau requested today, Monday, the cooperation of citizens to capture Gadiel “Machito” Perez Roman, against whom there is an arrest warrant issued for charges of first-degree murder and violation of four articles of the Weapons Law.

The accused is charged with murder of Joniel Pacheco Torres, 20 years old and resident of Fajardoreported on January 31 of this year in the back of the Yuquiyu residential complex, in Loiza. The body of Pacheco Torres was transported to Vacia Talega beach, located at kilometer 15.4 of the PR-187 highway, in Pinones, where it was burned.

In conversation with The new daythe inspector of the Intelligence and Special Arrests Division, Jose “Joey” Fontanez Felicianoindicated that Perez Roman is the only one of the five defendants in the case who have not been able to capture.

“The only thing we have at the moment (about where Perez Roman is located) is that it is in Puerto Rico”accurate.

The inspector indicated that a global bond of $1 million is against the individual. Likewise, he pointed out that They consider Perez Roman a “highly dangerous and heavily armed” person.

On August 18, agents from several divisions served three arrest warrants, which had been issued in absentia, against Rafael Jose “Machicote” Davila41 years old and resident of Loiza; Abraham Carrasquillo August, 23 years old and resident of Carolina; and David Ramos26 years old and resident in Canovanas, related to the same case that Perez Roman is accused of.

Officers from the Intelligence and Arrests Division and the Uniformed Drug Division were in charge of the arrests, which totaled four. (Supplied)

That same day, a fourth individual involved in the murder, identified as Richard Gerardo Calcano Vazquez23 years old, was arrested in the Las Margaritas residential complex, in Santurce.

Perez Roman, for his part, remains a fugitive and has a previous criminal record under Law 4 of controlled substances.

If you have information that can help find the whereabouts of Gadiel “Machito” Perez Roman, you can confidentially call the Intelligence and Arrests Bureau at 787-793-0457 or 787-343-2020.

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