They call not to visit the beaches this week: “They are not suitable for bathers”

They call not to visit the beaches this week: “They are not suitable for bathers”

He Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (NMEAD) and the National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan today, Tuesday, called on the population not to visit the beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean for the rest of this week due to the dangerous conditions deteriorated by a storm surge.

Framed in the recent fatalities on the coasts due to people swept away by sea currents, Both entities requested caution and stressed that the beaches concentrated in the northern half will experience life-threatening conditions due to the influence of Hurricane Nigel.which is more than 1,115 miles northeast of San Juan.

Although the cyclone is distant enough not to cause direct impacts on the island, its intensity results in a swell that keeps the waves in the region choppy.

The northern beaches are not suitable for bathers. Yesterday, we had to return to the issue of cases of drowning on our beaches when we recovered the body of a 15-year-old boy who drowned in Luquillo and a 32-year-old girl in Loiza. This week, sea conditions are worsening again due to the Nigel system passing through the Atlantic,” said the NMEAD commissioner. Nino Correa Filomenoin a press release.

“We reiterate the call to people not to risk their lives. Prevent a day from turning into a tragedy. This is not the time to go to the beaches, remember that we are at the peak of the hurricane season and any system that passes nearby affects the sea conditions.”he added.

For his part, the SNM warning coordinator, Ernesto Morales, highlighted that the coasts have been impacted in recent weeks by the storm surge caused by the dissipated Hurricane Lee, so the new event “could maintain dangerous conditions for the bathers along the north coast.”

The SNM maintains a special statement on marine currents from the beaches in the west to the east of Puerto Rico, due to the high risk of these conditions and the possibility of experiencing breaking waves of 6 feet in height, although occasionally they may be higher. .

The person who is trapped in an ocean current must know four important steps:

  • Don’t fight the current.
  • Swim parallel to the shore until the current weakens and you can then swim toward shore.
  • If you can’t escape, stay floating
  • If you need help, shout or wave your arms
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