“They came very fast”: preliminary hearing continues against Melvin Camilo Matthews, suspect of “hit and run” where Lara Gonzalez died in Vega Baja

“They came very fast”: preliminary hearing continues against Melvin Camilo Matthews, suspect of “hit and run” where Lara Gonzalez died in Vega Baja

The judicial process against Melvin Camilo Matthews Medinasuspected of leaving the scene of a traffic accident that claimed the life of Lara Gonzalez Ortizon September 7, 2023, continued on Tuesday with a preliminary hearing in the Bayamon Court of First Instance and the statements of several witnesses from the prosecution.

During the hearing, prosecutors presented testimony from Alexander Braufrom Vega Baja, a bus driver belonging to an evangelical church in the area; Alejandro Guzmanfrom Manati, owner of the white Mustang car involved in the accident, and his friend, Alonso Rosadofrom Vega Baja, with whom he visited the La Curvita business that fateful night.

The Prosecutor’s Office established that Felix Quinones Rosario, star witness and who was a passenger in the white 2013 Ford Mustang vehicle on the day of the events, gave his statement last December, when the judicial process began. At that time, he stated that he was in the company of Matthews Medina, who was driving a red Alfa Romeo. After arriving at the business, they asked to exchange vehicles with Guzman to go around the place.

Guzman agrees and begins to drive the red Alfa Romeo and, when he returns to the business, Quinones Rosario asks for his turn in the white Mustang. Eventually, after Rosario drives the vehicle, he passes the keys to Matthews Medina.

Immediately afterwards, both young men left the La Curvita business, where they were meeting, driving in a “negligent” manner and even going around several times. Then, they stopped at the business again to pick up Lara Gonzalez Ortiz.

“The Mustang came out in a not very cautious way, so to speak. They passed me by the front like four times. They stopped only once. “Lara got into the back right seat and they left.”Guzman explained.

“There is a period of time that I did not hear from them and I was worried that something would happen to my car, that they were driving negligently. Then we heard the car again, but from the way it sounded you could hear that they were coming very fast. When they reached the curve they lost control and hit the pole.”he added in his statement.

The defense attempted, unsuccessfully, to undermine Guzman’s credibility by questioning his concern and why he did not demand the car back the moment he saw Matthews Medina driving negligently.

Both Guzman and the other two witnesses They agreed that it was Matthews Medina who was driving the white Mustang. at the time of the fatal accident.

Likewise, Brau said he had recorded everything with his cell phone, although, at the moment, the videos have not been shown in the room.

The preliminary hearing against Matthews Medina began on December 6 with the testimony of four witnesses from the Prosecutor’s Office. That day, they declared Quinones Rosario, Antonio Torres Valentin, 23 years old and owner of Dolce Mar Ice Cream and Frappe, in Vega Baja; Ana Luisa Rodriguez, 24 years old, who said he knew Quinones Rosario because they worked together at the Costa Sur business in Manati; and Narleen Trinidadmanager of the Las Palmas business, in Manati, who said that on the day of the events he served two drinks and a beer to the accused.

Matthews Medina21 years old, faces seven counts of violation of Puerto Rico Vehicle and Traffic Law 22-2000around the vehicle accident.

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