They find cause for arrest against two men accused of murdering a woman in Puerto Nuevo

He judge Juan de Leon Gonzalezof the Court of San Juan, found cause for arrest in absentia against Yerlin Polanco and Cesario Baez Diaz on charges of first-degree murder and violations of the Weapons Law for the murder of Narda Castillo in events that occurred on September 3 in new Portreported the Justice Department.

De Leon Gonzalez imposed bail of $1 million each for Polanco, known as “Minor,” and for Baez Diaz, nicknamed “Cesar.” The officer also issued arrest warrants for both men who remain a fugitive from authorities.

The prosecutor Melba Lopez Ramosfrom the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office, filed a charge of first-degree murder for each defendant and charges for violations of article 6.06 of the Weapons Law (carrying and using a knife).

He Inspector Edwin Figueroadirector of Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of San Juan, explained to The new day during an interview conducted on September 14, who identified Polanco and Baez Diaz as the suspects of attacking Castillo on September 3.

The officer highlighted that the female was captured by security cameras while walking at the intersection of Jose de Diego Avenue and Pinero Avenue. The footage also recorded when two men, the accused, approached her and attacked her. One of them attacked her with his hands, while the other inflicted wounds on different parts of her body that caused her death.

Although Castillo was transported to the Medical Center in Rio Piedras, she died while receiving medical assistance.

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