They identify a woman murdered during a birthday party in Guayama

They identify a woman murdered during a birthday party in Guayama

A woman was murdered Thursday night in the business The Flor Fogon, in the Villodas neighborhood, in Guayamaconfirmed to The new day the office of Police Bureau Press.

A call through 9-1-1 Emergency System, At around 8:45 p.m., he alerted authorities about a person wounded by a gunshot.

When the agents arrived at the scene, the complainant stated that, while he was sharing the scene with his wife, identified as Antonelli Enid Romero Colon, someone from a moving vehicle fired several shots, wounding the woman in the chest.

According to Colonel Roberto Rivera, Romero Colon had a criminal record with several cases processed by the Police. In an interview with WKAQ, he indicated that She had been arrested for violation of the controlled substances law, for which she served 24 months of probation.

Rivera also mentioned that the deceased had faced charges of child abuse and “introduction of an object into a penal institution,” but the Police did not have in their records that she had been booked for these two crimes.

Likewise, it was noted that the woman was celebrating her 29th birthday inside the business when someone shot her from a vehicle outside the business, so it was immediately unknown if she was the object of the shooting attack.

According to the officer, during this Friday they hoped to verify the security cameras of that and other businesses to try to obtain identification of the gunmen or, at least, of the vehicle.

The paramedics from the Medical Emergencies of the Municipality of Guayama arrived at the scene, who confirmed the absence of vital signs. Several bullet casings of different calibers were collected at the scene.

Agent Carlos Leon, from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, assigned to the Homicide Division of the Guayama Criminal Investigation Corps, and prosecutor Michel Mir Martinez, took charge of the investigation.

It is the second violent incident that has been recorded in Guayama so far this week, since last Wednesday one young man was murdered and another was wounded by a gunshot.

As of Tuesday, the Police have investigated 371 murders, 81 fewer than the 452 registered on the same date in 2022.

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