They investigate the discovery of a human head inside a lump in Toa Alta

Toa Alta – In a wooded area of ​​the Ortiz neighborhood, the authorities have been investigating since Monday morning the discovery of a package with a human head that had been shot.

The events were reported on a piece of land next to a river, near PR-827, reported the Police Command in Bayamon.

In an aside with the media, the police colonel Roberto Rivera Miranda He pointed out that, in addition to the bundle with the head, a plastic bag was found in the area. However, after being reviewed by personnel from the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF), it was confirmed that it contained remains of an animal of which no further details were given.

Rivera that the same fishermen who found the first lump, floating in the water, were the ones who reported the other discovery.

A missing person?

Rivera Miranda said that, when the investigation continues, they will seek to confirm if it is a person who has been reported missing recently.

“When we have the identity… then we will know if it is a person who is missing in our record,” he explained.

A group of people who are relatives of a man who was reported missing arrived at the scene to try to learn more information.

Jorge Charriez said that since September 1 they have not known the whereabouts of his brother, Antonio Charriez Arroyo61 years old.

His disappearance was officially reported to the Police on September 7. According to the police report, at the time of his disappearance he was wearing a black shirt with white letters that read “Calvin Klein.”

Fishermen tell how the discovery was

Meanwhile, the fishermen indicated that they had not gone fishing in that area for at least three days, since they mostly frequent the area of ​​the gates of a nearby dam.

Meanwhile, one of the fishermen, Rafael Miranda Santiagodetailed how they found the package and the human remains.

“It was a black T-shirt and inside that black T-shirt there was a lump and inside the lump there was a human head,” said Miranda Santiago. “We had caught a couple of fish. After I cast my rod and am trolling, I see a black t-shirt tangled in my rod. When I bring it to the shore, I realize that the shirt is very heavy.”

Upon bringing it to shore, he recounted that he used his fish knife to cut the shirt and then opened the bundle to find the human remains that he described in a state of decomposition.

He assured that it is the first time that something like this has happened to him, but he commented that he has heard that other crimes have occurred in that area.

“At night this is like the den of a wolf, this is too bad here,” he said. “This is not the first time they have found something like this,” the fisherman added without giving more details.

“I find myself with that… I was going to leave all that lost. I was going to leave even the rod lost. I did the only thing I could think of, which was call 9-1-1. I couldn’t do anything else,” he added.

The ICF personnel arrived after noon and an hour later they removed the package from the river to store it in the truck.

A Forensic Sciences employee handles the remains found. (Alex Figueroa Cancel)

However, they would stay longer to analyze another bag that the fishermen observed, on the other side of the bridge.

“When I opened it, it threw out a lot of crap,” said Miranda Santiago.

Coroners also requested a boat to travel a bit of the river to reach another bag that the fishermen saw later, but that was in the middle of the water. Additionally, the fishermen warned the officers that there were alligators in that river.

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