They recognize the commitment of six Puerto Ricans in solidarity with the Sister Isolina Ferre Award

Six Puerto Ricans committed to society were recognized with the Sister Isolina Ferre Award for Excellence in Service to Others 2023.

In the 21st edition of the delivery, the House of Representatives honored Aileen Rivera Rijo and Carmelo Medina Jimenez, in the community development category; to the doctor Jose Cangiano Rivera, in the health area; to the doctor Alexandra Colon Rodriguez, in the education category; to VIctor Montanez Guadalupe, in the area of ​​prevention; and the cellist Emilio Colon in the area of ​​culture.

The event coincided with the Day of Excellence in Service to Others, celebrated every September 5 in honor of the birth of the illustrious Sister Isolina Ferre. This year marks 109 years since the birth of the founder of this outstanding institution.

“You have turned your potential into a profound postulate of love and service to your neighbor. “Each one of you represents the good Samaritan, carrying on your shoulders the desire and action to lift up the fallen with your strength, enthusiasm and commitment to make this town a better one.”expressed the main executive officer of the Sor Isolina Ferre Centers, Luis Ortiz Ortiz.

During the ceremony, the Sisters Rosita Bauza and Mildred Vazquez, for her long years of dedication and service in the Sor Isolina Ferre Centers. First of all, Sister Bauza was described as a servant who has emulated the values ​​of honesty, sensitivity and humility throughout her life dedicated to her neighbor.

Six Puerto Ricans committed to society were recognized with the Sister Isolina Ferre Award for Excellence in Service to Others 2023. (VANESSA SERRA DIAZ)

Sister Bauza became the right hand of Sister Isolina Ferre, with whom she shared experiences on her long pilgrimage through the streets of the Ponce Beach sector.

Meanwhile, Sister Vazquez, who today is the executive director of the Sor Isolina Ferre Center in Ponce, was distinguished for her pivotal role in the development and better functioning of the institution. Additionally, she for embodying the mission of selflessly loving and serving communities, specifically working with families of youth facing social issues.

“Some servants of the Holy Trinity. Some high-quality servers. Daughters, sisters and, above all, beings committed to the well-being of Puerto Rico,” highlighted Representative Deborah Soto Arroyo, who read the profile of both nuns honored as “exemplary women.”.

For his part, the president of the Chamber, Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez Montanez, highlighted the legacy of Sister Isolina Ferre and her significance in Puerto Rican society. It was 54 years ago that she founded the institution that bears her name on Ponce Beach.

For the chamber leader, this event is held every year in order to keep the work of Sister Isolina Ferre alive and replicate it through “so many heroes and heroines who work hard to make our society more just”.

“For us it is an honor and a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of Sister Isolina Ferre”pointed out Hernandez Montanez, who compared the social work of the Sor Isolina Ferre Centers with the community contact that district representatives constantly carry out.

“Every now and then, a little angel arrives who goes hand in hand with that mentality, and is like another representative of the Chamber. That for us is Sister Sister Isolina Ferre, the representative 52″he stated.

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