They summon an alleged car driver after the death of Lara Gonzalez, 21, in an alleged “hit and run” in Vega Baja

They summon an alleged car driver after the death of Lara Gonzalez, 21, in an alleged “hit and run” in Vega Baja

The alleged driver of a car, who had left the scene of a crash in Vega Baja, was summoned this Monday by the Police.

According to the head of the investigative branch of the Police, Colonel Roberto Riverainvestigators hope to interview the person before consulting the case with prosecutors for possible filing of charges.

“Immediately it happened, a team was activated. We have located all the parties,” Rivera said in a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 AM). “We hope to have the person who abandoned the vehicle today. He is going to bring his lawyer.”

After remembering that it is his right to be with a lawyer at the summons, Rivera stressed that “we are going to wait for his arrival and we are going to interview him.”

“We already know what happened. It is a matter of interviewing and presenting to the Prosecutor’s Office to determine the action to follow,” he added.

The case was passed to the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Toa Baja after initially being handled by the Manati Highway Patrol Division.

Lieutenant Elvin Zeno, of the Police Traffic Bureau, indicated that this is a “hit and run” case.

The Uniformed Police identified the deceased young woman as Lara Camila Gonzalez Ortiz, 21 years old.

She died on Friday night in a traffic accident when the vehicle in which she was a passenger collided with a pole and several cement benches, located in front of the Pa’ La Playa business, on PR-686, in the Yeguada neighborhood, in Vega Baja.

According to preliminary information provided by the Police, the woman was in the back seat of a white 2013 Ford Mustang car, whose driver was driving at a speed that did not “allow her to maintain control and mastery of the steering wheel.”

Gonzalez Ortiz died when she was ejected after the crash, which caused her serious injuries that led to her death.

Meanwhile, a person traveling in the front passenger seat was transported to the Wilma Vazquez hospital, in Vega Baja, in stable condition.

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