They threaten Arab school students in San Juan through social networks

They threaten Arab school students in San Juan through social networks

A social worker from a school in San Juan filed a complaint regarding the existence of an Instagram page that exposed intentions to attack Arab students at her institution.

According to the Police report, the social worker was alerted about the page on the social network by several students at the institution. The page also allegedly contained other topics of a sexual nature.

“We are already active in our action plan. The complaint has already been filed, all students on the school campus were oriented on civil rights and, above all, on the ethical use and effective communication on social networks. Today the team and the socio-emotional component, together with its discipline committee, disclosed each of the scenarios. Also for this week and next (the school community) has workshops and orientations on civil rights.”reported Kenia Caraballo Rivera, special labor assistant for the San Juan School District of the Department of Education. The new day.

For his part, the Education Security Commissioner, Cesar Gonzalezexplained that the Cyber ​​Crimes Division of the Police is already tracking the information of the publications to determine from which computer or cell phone they emerged and to be able to find the person responsible for the publications.

To these ends, Gonzalez revealed that two scenarios will be working during the investigative process, which will begin with determining who created this account and where the expressions were made.

“After being able to identify that, (they will seek to identify) if they are minors or adults. If they are minors, we also have jurisdiction at the administrative level that, obviously, we will be working with the Legal Division (of the agency)… there would also be a consultation at the level of the Attorney (for Minors). We know that a threat, however, whether to the Arab community or to any person in particular, entails the commission of an offense in the area of ​​minors.”explained the commissioner.

In the event that this page and the publications were created by an adult, “well, what the federal state agencies are would already come into play. We spoke with Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) this morning about the incident. They, obviously, are waiting for them to identify whether or not it was an adult who committed this publication so that they can then establish whether they will take the case or not.”

The threat focused exclusively on a school in San Juan, which will not be identified in this medium to protect the safety of the school community. Furthermore, the threat was specifically directed at students of Arab descent who attend that school, without affecting the other students of this community who attend other schools.

To questions from this medium On whether this threat arises due to the conflict that broke out between the countries of Israel and Palestine, the commissioner stated that “We cannot say that it is disconnected, but we cannot say that it is because of the incident that is occurring”.

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