Thousands of protesters demand more action from G7 leaders to mitigate climate change

Thousands of protesters have marched through the streets of Munich on Saturday to demand more action from G7 leaders to alleviate climate change. The protest comes a day ahead of the group’s leaders’ meeting at Elmau Castle, which will begin on Sunday and end on Tuesday.

In a video, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed hope that the leaders will be able to take “important decisions.”

“Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine is also having an impact here. Many things we buy have become more expensive, such as food; but above all energy prices,” the German chancellor said.

“Now it is important that we deal with the situation and at the same time deal with stopping man-made climate change.”

Protesters demand concrete decisions
Several environmental groups, such as WWF or Greenpeace, have been present at the demonstration. Among the demands of the demonstrators are the elimination of fossil fuels, the preservation of animal and plant diversity, social justice on the planet and the intensification of the fight against hunger.

Christoph Bautz, director of the Campact organization, explains: “We don’t need pretty portraits for the photo albums of the G7 leaders. We need concrete decisions, completely different policies. We need to get out of oil, coal and gas; the war in Ukraine has again shown how dependent we are. We need to get into renewable energy sources, energy efficiency. And we want to see those concrete decisions in Elmau.”

Several incidents between the police and a small group of demonstrators calling themselves the “anti-capitalist bloc” punctuated the protest in Munich. Further protests against the summit are planned for the next few days.


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