Tiziano Ferro is going through a “delicate moment” when he announces that he is divorcing his husband

Tiziano Ferro is going through a “delicate moment” when he announces that he is divorcing his husband

the italian singer Tiziano Ferro announced today that she has begun the procedures to divorce her husband, Victor Allen, whom she married in July 2019 and lived in Los Angeles, California.

Ferro indicated that he has canceled all his commitments because his priority is to be with his two children who “he cannot take to Italy.”

With a long message published by the singer on his Instagram profile and addressed to his loyal followers, he explains the “delicate moment” that passes through.

Allen and Ferro met six years ago and married in July 2019 in Sabaudia, on the coast of Lazio, Italy. The American was a former Warner Bros. consultant and currently owns a marketing agency and has been characterized by his discretion.

“A painful separation from Victor began a while ago. I faced it in silence, protecting everyone’s confidentiality. We recently started divorce proceedings. It is a delicate time, in which all my attention is focused on protecting my two wonderful children, who currently spend most of their time at home with me.“, wrote.

The message, published in three languages, apologizes for having to cancel all the commitments made in Italy, “especially the presentation of his novel” because his priority is his children and assures that “this dark moment will pass, he explains: “and we will return to to sing and laugh, to talk about my book, my life… our life.”

“For now I can’t leave them and I can’t take them with me to Italy. For this reason, with great sadness, I am forced to cancel the commitments made with you and with Mondadori to present my first novel: an appointment that I had been waiting for all my life (…)”, he added.

Tiziano Ferro and her husband Victor Allen have had two children in the United States in February 2022, whom they named Margherita and Andrea and they have never released the details of the birth.

The singer himself announced it with a publication on social networks: “Two phone calls made me the happiest man in the world. The first a few months ago: a girl. The second a few weeks later: this time a boy (…)”, he wrote on his social networks.

Recently, the internationally famous singer had expressed in an interview with the magazine “Grazia” that his greatest wish was for Italy to recognize that its children have two fathers or mothers of the same sex.

“When I went to the Italian consulate to register them in the civil registry, that form that excluded Victor’s name was like a slap in the face. So I never registered them. In these conditions that distort the reality of their existence in the world, they will not have an Italian passport,” he noted.

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