To be defined the use of $156 million of a federal allocation to promote solar energy in Puerto Rico

To be defined the use of 6 million of a federal allocation to promote solar energy in Puerto Rico

The grant of just over $156 million that the federal government awarded to the Office of Management and Budget (OGP) for clean energy initiatives will be distributed among four main components that will manage the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), the Public Housing Administration (AVP), the Green Energy Trust (FEV) and the Martin Pena Pipe Link Project.

The executive director of the OGP, Juan Carlos Blancoacknowledged that, at the moment, the amount that each of the entities participating in the subsidy will manage has not been determined, but maintained that they will have ample room to define the scope and purposes of their respective programs.

“We made the decision that Puerto Rico, as a jurisdiction, was going to submit a single application for this program that runs through the EPA (Federal Environmental Protection Agency) and is to promote the use of solar energy throughout the United States. It was a strategic decision to make it a more solid, more complete application; so as not to be competing with each other; and to use the resources of our office in strategic support of this effort”said Blanco, who acknowledged that, at present, there is no estimate of the families that would directly benefit from the various programs.

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