To dance with “Jossie Esteban y la Patrulla 15” in their 45th anniversary presentation

To dance with “Jossie Esteban y la Patrulla 15” in their 45th anniversary presentation

As if the years did not pass or weigh… When receiving that plethora of energy, in the movements they make, the dance steps they take, the resonance of their voices, the enthusiasm with which they greet and the sense of humor with which they sprinkle, seems to be the same as 45 years ago, when the merengue singer Jossie Esteban and the musician and arranger Alberto “Ringo” Martinez They burst onto the stage, along with the Patrol 15.

Both assure that they are getting better every day. Laughing, they take a trip back in time, when they remember the dances at the Palladium, the Villa Real and the Xanadu, as well as the patron saint festivals and private activities in Puerto Rico, which from the 1980s onwards made their way into the genre of merengue and came to be received with great affection by the Puerto Rican public.

“They recently sent me a photograph. And they asked me, do you recognize that? I said, ‘I’ve kind of seen that place.’ And it was in Xanadu. Oh my God, it came to me like a caravan of memories. That beautiful time, the 80s. What beautiful years those were! indicated the musician, co-creator of La Patrulla 15 in 1978 and Las Nenas de Ringo y Jossie in 1987.

Returning to one of the stages in Puerto Rico, for Ringo, becomes a dream come true, because even though he resides on this island, he is proud to join Jossie Esteban to meet the public again in a show they have called “ “To remember is to live.”

“For me it is a dream come true to take one of the groups, I would say the highest grossing in history that has been here in Puerto Rico, and do a 45th anniversary concert, I never thought about that. When it arrives he says, wow! That’s so interesting, really. “It fills me with pride”said the music producer.

Meanwhile, for Jossie Esteban – dressed in glasses, a shiny cap, a shirt and pants with contrasting prints – it is a new beginning, which he receives with great gratitude.

“When we started here, we came with all that strength, that energy. For me it is a new beginning of that strength that we have to give you. “So many people who have supported us and the media, all that beautiful and beautiful public that made us flourish every day in every concert, in every patron event, throughout Puerto Rico”said the voice of “Noche de drinks”, who along with Ringo and La Patrulla 15 will perform on Saturday, November 4, from 9:00 pm at the Coca-Cola Music Hall of the T-Mobile District, in San Juan.

“We were born here and we are your children. Really, thanks so much. We are happy and joyful. It’s a new beginning for us. I believe that for artists it is always a new beginning. I, every day, every sunrise, every awakening, thank God first. Because it is a new beginning and part of that is that people enjoy that great concert,” stressed Jossie Esteban, who considers himself a “Domir Rican” as his career has developed on this island since its beginnings.

The performer of countless hits said in an interview with The new day that today he feels more confident in what he does, including that he is singing better.

“When they tell me that I’m singing better, I act like a fool and say, that’s me, glory to God. I feel happy because the artists, us who sing, well, our tones are lowered and we can’t raise them and everything, but I have maintained the quality of my songs, always keeping the tones where they should be. The day I can’t sing, I retire with honor and smile.”added the singer.

Ringo Martinez and Jossie Esteban (Carlos Rivera Giusti)

Winning team, between the romantic and the humorous

During the union between Jossie Esteban, Ringo Martinez and La Patrulla 15 for several decades, they turned more than a hundred merengues into hits, and created more than 20 musical albums, so they are preparing for a night full of a memorable repertoire, which It will come together with your desire to make the audience that meets you dance.

“A man looks for a woman, that unknown flower, who goes crazy through life. It’s just different. If you see her, befriend her as her brother, come give her to me in my hand.” Jossie Esteban began to sing when remembering the romantic songs that they popularized such as “Acariciame”, “Si tu me tells”, “I am going to make you cry” and “Without your affection”, without leaving aside those humorous ones like “Pirulo”, “El Tigueron” and “Pegando el chest”, among many others.

Precisely, for Jossie Esteban, one of his greatest contributions to music has been having his own unique style when performing very romantic and very humorous songs from daily life that the public made their favorites.

It has been a duo with a winning formula, who have become known as “Los Soberanos” in the musical world. Their debut album “El Cuchu Cu Cha” was a success, and from then on their vocation and discipline came together with other attributes to bring merengue to a place, where they assure it prevails.

I would say there are many factors. Good productions, good voice, good music, good themes, the promotion was very good. At that time the radio was playing a lot of music and, all of that, I would say it was the success of Jossie Esteban and the Patrol 15, that’s why we practically traveled around the world. There were many merengue orchestras at that time, but I would say that we were one of the first groups that went to the Canary Islands”Ringo shared.

Even with so many musical aspects today, Jossie Esteban sees merengue better than in his beginnings, because together with the experience he has and that feeling of new beginnings, he sees it from that point of view.

“For me, honestly, I see it better. Because? Because so many years of Jossie Esteban, Patrol 15 and Ringo, us making music, for me, as I told you, I’m at the beginning. Since you are here interviewing us, I feel like a child and knowing that we are going to be sharing with so many people who enjoyed our music, and who are going to say, wow! It is going to be a night of many memories,” added the artist, who highlighted his recent presentations in Panama and Guatemala before thousands of people.

Prior to their meeting with the Puerto Ricans, the concert by Jossie Esteban, Ringo and La Patrulla 15 will be presented on October 28 at the Fiesta Room of the Hotel Jaragua in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. There they will have the Conjunto Quisqueya as special guests. However, for their concert in Puerto Rico they preferred to reserve the name of the special guest who will accompany them, so that it would be a surprise. After their time on the island, they will continue their anniversary tour through several cities in the United States.

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