Trends in Halloween costumes this season

Trends in Halloween costumes this season

As October 31 approaches, parents, young people and adults alike make their preparations for everything that has to do with celebrating the day of October. Halloween. This includes not only home decoration and purchasing sweets to deliver, but also has to do with selecting the appropriate and desired costume to enjoy the related festivities.

“So far, the stores have been very busy and customers continue to come in a lot. So far it is being sold equally among children, young people and adults. There are many parents who look for a costume for their children and, at the same time, take advantage and buy their own,” he explained. Cathybel Marin MaldonadoInstitutional Sales Manager of Party City in Puerto Rico.

This year also marks the first time that the store dedicated to party decorations will sell special costumes to cover wheelchairs or four-wheeled strollers. This will allow both girls and boys to participate in the traditional candy collection in a striking and fun way.

“This year we have a variety for everything, including people with physical disabilities, because we have costumes to decorate the wheelchairs or the ‘wagons’ for parents to carry their children,” the executive explained. “This way, you can decorate the chair as if it were a car. “The Incredibles”, as if it were a police car, a ‘monster truck’ or a princess carriageamong many others”.

The most requested

As is tradition, there are people who like to dress with a motif related to a mysterious or scary character, but there are also others who prefer to dress up as a character from a movie or television series. Others simply want to look funny with some profession’s clothing or with some humorous message.

So far, the most they are asking for are costumes related to The Addams Family, including everything that has to do with Wednesday, Morticia and Gomez. Likewise, the costume related to the series is still selling very well. ‘The Money Heist’“, explained Marin Maldonado. “Likewise, the costumes and masks of Ghost Face (similar to those from the movie ‘Scream’) They are also among the most requested.”

On the other hand, another of the trends that have been seen so far is the purchase of inflatable costumes. The vast majority of these are funny and include forms of dinosaurs, wrestling athletes, chickens, characters from the series “South Park” and even one that simulates a shark swallowing a person.

“Thanks to the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie, many people have also come looking for costumes of Mario, Luigi and Peachlike Harry Potter, which still remains popular. Of course, everything related to Barbie, where we have several options, like the outfit she wore Barbie and Ken to skate in one of the scenes of the movie, as well as some objects that simulate the boxes in which the dolls are sold,” explained the Party City manager.

In the same way, the sexy costumes are highly sought after, including those that are from bygone eras such as the 1920s, 1950s, and 1970s, such as ‘floppers’ or ‘hippies’, just like that of classic horror characters like Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason.

“Something that has also sold well are costumes for pets, as well as for those who want dress up as a troupe or as a couplesince there are a variety of related topics, either as nurses, prisoners or like a traveling pizzaamong many others,” added the businesswoman, who highlighted that people still have time to purchase their Halloween accessories, but they cannot leave it too late, since the inventory could run out, especially the most popular ones.

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