Walk on “El Bulevar”, a work where the street reflects modern social realities

Walk on “El Bulevar”, a work where the street reflects modern social realities

A large street that holds many experiences and stories. This is the work “The boulevard”, which was presented in the Carlos Marichal Experimental Room of the Luis A. Ferre Fine Arts Center on Friday night and returns this Friday, October 27 at 8:30 p.m.

The piece began to be worked on in 2017, after the playwright and producer of the play Rafael Pagan published the book “El Bulevar”, and it is shown as a micro theater, where he tells stories of twelve people who, in one way or another, each link together either by the same characters or by the theme of the stories. The producer said that the stories are told in a “beautiful and realistic” way.

The Carlos Marichal experimental room plays a very important role, since, in the intimacy and closeness of the actors with the audience, there is a direct interaction and allows some of the spectators to participate in the proscenium. The scenery is also important. This is because different blocks that simulate concrete structures are moved to favor the presentation of each of the scenes.

The work shows common characters with deep stories, which lead to reflection as a reaction to the narratives. Although one of the first lines of the work states that “Walking in circles gets us nowhere”, in a way, it is the stories that lead some of the characters to interact.

Just as in society, themes of love relationships, sexuality, sexual abuse, social problems, infidelity, appearances, traumas and psychological problems, among others, are presented. All, presented from humor, and according to Angel Manuel commented, there is the possibility that “people will face their own problems.”

With a stellar and varied cast, “El Bulevar” features producer Carlos Vega, who plays Ramon Torres, a devoted father and fighter for his son’s rights. Ramon shows the suffering of government bureaucracy. Selene is played by Keyla Ramos Pratt, a government employee who seems to live a traditional life, however, she struggles with the indifference of her employment paperwork. Every building has a cleaning employee, and “Cuatro el conserje” is played by Jay Lopez Castro, who, from hallway to hallway, observes each story and makes them personal.

Likewise, Isabel, personified by Heyda Salaman, who collects shoes and even sells them, manages to hide the deep pain of suffering, of an illusion that was taken from her in her adolescence and tells it in a humorous way. Her uncle Sixto, played by veteran actor Willie Denton, shows the reality of the street, being a boxing trainer.

In the most ostentatious apartments resides Amanda, who is played by Blanca Lissette Cruz. Amanda is married and has a great friendship with Raquel, played by Anoushka Medina. They both share a big secret.

In another apartment we find the character that Mariana Quiles plays; Laura is a successful woman, but she lives a relationship of appearances with Lucas, who is played by producer Angel Manuel. Laura has a brother named Jose, who has a very hidden life. Jose is played by Axel Serrant.

Lucas, in turn, is a psychologist, and while he lives with the intention of helping couples, he does not have the ability to live in harmony in his relationship. Lucas is served by Silvia and Agustin, played by Syndia Noelys Rivera and Daniel Torres, respectively. This couple has a relationship outside of this galaxy, however, they have experienced firsthand the difficulties that this society presents and that has manifested itself in their relationship.

Syndia Noelys Rivera and Daniel Torres play a couple out of this galaxy. Angel Manuel personifies Lucas. (Supplied)

The cast has rehearsed separately due to the dynamics of the play; However, according to Angel Manuel, once they started rehearsing together, “it has been very nice, and I am full of gratitude for this story to turn out well,” highlighting the importance of the acting work of each of the cast members, and the way in which they have embodied their characters.

The street of commercial and residential buildings is located in any sector of San Juan, although they mention Ponce de Leon Avenue, and “El Bulevar” is that road where different hearts meet with the daily routine of life.

Tickets are available directly at the Santurce Fine Arts Center and at Ticketera.

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