Watch the moment Francisca Lachapel revealed the sex of her second baby

Today everything was expectation in the family of Univisionas it is the day to reveal the sex of the second pregnancy of the actress and co-host of “Despierta America”, Francisca Lachapelwho announced last August that she was expecting her second child.

Together with his colleagues on the morning show, all in white rompers, Lachapel revealed the percentages of how many were betting on it being a boy and those who were sure it would be a girl. After a countdown, the wait was over, and blue paint began to come out of a kind of hose, which began to paint them all. Between hugs and foam they celebrated the news.

Another man joins the residence of the winner of “Our Latin Beauty” with her husband Francesco Zampogna and his first-born son Genaro, who, full of joy and pride, raised the sign that read “boy.”

It was an unforgettable day for those with whom he shares daily in the “Despierta America” program, as they shared through their social networks.

It was last August that Lachapel announced her second pregnancy in a exclusive interview with People en Espanol magazinein which he mentioned thatThe first time she took the pregnancy test it came out positive, but she read it wrong.

“All disappointed, I threw the test in the trash and went on my trip to Italy. I drank wine, I enjoyed my trip,” the Dominican-born presenter told the publication, as she thought it was a false positive when the second line of the test came out very clear. According to the interview, it was her husband who began to notice changes in her attitude, which led her to undergo a second test that confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant.

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