Why did Mitch McConnell suffer another pattern of paralysis? A doctor offers answers

Washington – The doctor who examined the Republican leader in the US Senate, Mitch McConnellafter he once again went blank before the press, assured this Thursday that These types of blockages are not unusual after a blow or due to dehydration and he was authorized to continue working..

“Occasional lightheadedness is not unusual during concussion recovery and can also occur as a result of dehydration.”said Brian Mohanan, a congressional expert, who assured that he has given McConnell, 81, his approval to continue with his agenda.

When a journalist asked him this Wednesday in Kentucky about his plans to run for re-election in 2026, the legislator asked him to repeat the question and later, after the reporter’s clarification, he remained paralyzed, looking straight ahead, for about 30 seconds. .

McConnell had starred in a similar episode in the Senate in Washington DC in July, where he remained silent for about 20 seconds and had to be removed from the cameras, before returning and reassuring those present by stating that he was fine.

Shortly afterward, the press published that two weeks earlier he had fallen while getting off a plane.

The veteran politician had to be hospitalized in March for a brain concussion and a fractured rib that he suffered in a fall during an event that took place at a hotel in the US capital.

He is the legislator who has been the leader of the Republicans in the Senate for the longest time, since 2007, and has promoted priority issues for his party, such as achieving a large majority of conservative judges on the Supreme Court or approving former President Donald’s tax reform. Trump.

The current president, Democrat Joe Biden, assured this Thursday that he has spoken with him.

“He is a friend. Talk to him today. (…) When you have suffered a serious blow, it is not at all unusual that sometimes what happens to Mitch happens to him. It is part of the recovery and that is why I am sure that he will be the same again and do his job.”he indicated.

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